the gender of her future baby revealed during a crazy party

Jill Vandermeulen is a 34-year-old public figure known for many reasons. One of them being that she was a candidate for the star Academy when she was 18 years old. But since then, it is as a model, influencer, creator, youtubeuse and singer that she is famous. Followed by more than 499,000 people on his Instagram account, his private life interests his fans as much as his professional activities. It’s even more exciting now that Jill is expecting her fourth child! And that she recently shared images of her gender reveal party very original. Objeko advise you to watch the video at the end of this article to keep the surprise as long as possible.

Jill reveals if her fourth child will be a girl or a boy

The bets are open for those who have not spoiled the surprise. And as much to tell you that it is indeed 50/50. Because Jill is already a mother of three children, a girl and two boys. Her eldest daughter is called Bella-June and she was born on March 1, 2010. Then came James who was born on August 15, 2012. And finally, she is also the mother of Jude who was born on December 28, 2014. Fans of the young wife also know that she had two miscarriages before she could announce that she was pregnant with her fourth child. That this pregnancy was therefore close to her heart and that the subject was more sensitive than ever. On May 25, 2022, she finally revealed that she was expecting a baby and her joy was shared by all her admirers.

Since this announcement, it is therefore on a small cloud. And so are his fans. Then it was only a matter of time for her to talk more about this pregnancy with her subscribers. Or that she set up a gender reveal party worthy of the name. Indeed, readers ofObjeko are aware that this phenomenon is fashionable. But Jill did very well since it was on the theme of witchcraft that she organized her party. rather than reading ” girl or boy “ or “boy or girl” on the posters of the event, it was possible to read “witch or wizard”that is “witch or wizard” ! A theme that fits the young woman like a glove given the editorial line on Youtube, on the channel SilentJill.

An original party at will

To find out if Jill is expecting a little girl or a little boy, you will have to see the video on her channel. But Objeko prefers to warn you, even under the publication that only shows excerpts from the event, on Instagram it is possible to find out the answer. It was nevertheless a successful party! And it was organized by the relatives of the future mother. The decorations were worked to allow the guests to find themselves in a most bluffing esoteric universe. Jill’s mom even dressed up as a witch for the occasion. She placed herself behind a cauldron in which she mixed heaps of ingredients. The whole then gave off a colored smoke. And based on the color, anyone could figure out if it was a witch or a wizard in Jill’s womb.

“A huge thank you to my mom, my sister and Sarah for the organization, decoration and preparation of this absolutely fabulous party! », wanted to say Jill to the leaders of the organization. And be careful, it is therefore a little girl who will soon arrive to enlarge the family!

As Jill’s fans continue to shower her with compliments, the beauty can now talk about anything with her fans. There are no more taboo subjects regarding her pregnancy. “It was complicated to hide it from you, I had to wear XXL all the time, it was unbearable. But all is well, the news is good, we have passed the critical stage so here we are entering the 4th month. An adventure that begins, we can’t wait, we are so happy. », she revealed to her fans last May. And now, she will be able to talk to them about all the details that will pave the way for the expectation of the birth of her fourth child, her second granddaughter.

Finally, the editorial staff sends its congratulations and best wishes to future parents. We have no doubt that the whole family is in heaven and that she is not ready to come down from her little cloud. Last suspense, the name and date of birth of this little witch.