The German answer to “Sex Education”? The streaming tips of the week

Updated on 11/29/2022 at 5:59 p.m

  • Netflix, Amazon, WOW and Co.: This is the schedule for your streaming week.
  • Among them: Annette Frier as a sex therapist and a moving film about “The Swimmers” Yusra and Sarah Mardini.
  • Streaming replenishment: These exciting films and series are new to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, WOW, Apple TV+, Disney+, RTL+ and Starzplay.

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For many film and series fans, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, WOW and Co. have long been the better cinema. With top-class film highlights and exciting series, the streaming services regularly live up to their reputation. The overview reveals which productions are worth seeing in the home cinema in the coming week.

“Love Addicts”, Amazon Prime Video

Love Addicts, Annette Frier
The sex therapist Anja (Annette Frier) uses unusual methods.

© Gordon Timpen/SMPSP/Amazon/WBTV

The Netflix comedy “Sex Education” has been giving a deep look into the emotional world of British teenagers since 2019. The new Amazon series “Love Addicts” now shows what the love life of Germans in their mid-twenties is like. It is about Zoé (Malaya Takeda), Ben (Dimitri Abold), Nele (Magdalena Laubisch) and Dennis (Anselm Bresgott), who have a lot in common.

They all live in Hamburg, have – in various ways – problems with sex and relationships and attend a weekly self-help group led by therapist Anja (Annette Freer). The latter accompanies the foursome through toxic relationships, bad dates and sobering one-night stands – and does not stop at unconventional therapy methods.

“With ‘Love Addicts’, Prime members can look forward to a wild, surprising and true-to-life comedy series about love and friendship in the digital age,” promises Philip Pratt, Head of Amazon Studios Germany. The dramedy series, which comprises a total of eight half-hour episodes, starts on November 30th on Amazon Prime Video.

“The Swimmers”, Netflix

In August 2015, Yusra Mardini and her older sister Sarah fled Syria and, together with 18 other people, crossed from Turkey to Greece in a rubber dinghy. As the boat was about to capsize, the two teenage girls jumped into the water and pulled the other occupants ashore. An hour-long and spectacular rescue operation, for which the two former swimmers of the Syrian national team were awarded the Bambi as “silent heroines” in 2016.

In her film “The Swimmers”, the Welsh-Egyptian director Sally El Hosaini tells the story of the sisters as a moving drama. The international production traces the life and suffering of the athletes living in Germany from Syria to Rio – because just one year after her escape, Yusra took part in the 2016 Summer Olympics. In addition to Manal Issa (“Finally Free”) and Nathalie Issa (“My Favorite Fabric”), who can be seen as Yusra and Sarah, also belongs Matthias Schweighofer to the ensemble of the film. After the theatrical release on November 10th, “The Swimmers” will be available on Netflix from November 23rd.

From Syria to Germany to the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro: The Netflix drama “The Swimmers” tells the moving odyssey of two sisters. The German actor Matthias Schweighöfer will also be there. © ProSiebenSat.1

“The Patient,” Disney+

the patient
Sam (Domhnall Gleeson, right) has kidnapped his therapist, Alan (Steve Carell), hoping to be cured.

© 2022 FX Networks

Sam Fortner (Domhnall Gleeson) has only one wish: he no longer wants to be a serial killer. That’s why he kidnapped the psychotherapist Alan Strauss (Steve Carell) and holds him captive with the demand that he rid Sam of his murderous tendencies. Alan is already struggling with his own problems: In addition to the death of his wife, who recently died of cancer, Alan is burdened by the rift that has opened between him and his devout son Ezra (Andrew Leeds).

In the USA, where the FX series “The Patient” started in August, the critics were enthusiastic: Steve Carell in particular, otherwise known for comedy roles such as in “The Office”, reaped the rewards for his performance in the ten-part series mini-series much praise. In this country, the oppressive but excitingly staged chamber play by “The Americans” creators Joe Fields and Joe Weisberg can be seen on Disney + from November 30th.

“A Friend of the Family”, WOW

A Friend of the Family
Bob (Colin Hanks, right) and Mary Ann Broberg (Anna Paquin, left) blindly trust their neighbor Robert Berchtold (Jake Lacy) – also with regard to their daughter Jan (Mckenna Grace).

© NBC Universal

When Robert Berchtold (Jake Lacy) moves with his family to a tranquil town in rural Idaho, he immediately becomes friends with the Broberg family. The Berchtolds and the Brobergs soon became inseparable: they went on vacation together, went out to eat together and went to church together.

Little does Bob (Colin Hanks) and Mary Ann Broberg (Anna Paquin) know that their neighbor has set his eyes on their twelve-year-old daughter Jan (Mckenna Grace). Even when Robert kidnaps the girl to Mexico one day, the child’s gullible parents don’t realize how threatening their supposed boyfriend really is – until Robert kidnaps his victim again two years later.

The true crime drama “A Friend of the Family” shows how it can happen that a man kidnaps the same child twice. The nine-part miniseries from “Candy” creator Nick Antosca tells the true story of the now 60-year-old actress Jan Broberg, who is also involved as a producer. “A Friend of the Family” starts on November 25th at WOW.

“Willow”, Disney+

Many years after his last adventure, the wizard Willow Ufoogd (Warwick Davis) returns.

© 2022 Lucasfilm Ltd.

What could be seen in the fantasy adventure “Willow” in 1988 laid the foundation for a completely new way of filmmaking: For the first time, director Ron Howard, with the support of George Lucas, implemented digital special effects such as “morphing”, a process that enables a to transform one figure into another in a smooth and fluid manner. Nowadays, this technique is an integral part of many fantasy and science fiction adventures. Measured against current standards, the tricks of the past may seem awkward. The story, on the other hand, hasn’t lost any of its excitement, humor and emotions.

34 years later, Disney is bringing the film’s eponymous hero – the magical dwarf Willow – back to life. Warwick Davis reprises his role in Willow, a six-part series from Solo: A Star Wars Story writer Jonathan Kasdan. However, the new adventure is set to take place 200 years after the events of the original.

Little is known about the plot of the sequel, but according to Disney, the series follows a “group of unlikely heroes on a harrowing rescue mission through a world beyond imagination”. “Willow” can be seen on Disney+ from November 30th.

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