the glitch in the end

    season 4 of ‘Stranger Things’ It is the best installment of the series along with the first and has left us wonderful moments. The Duffers presented us with chapters with durations similar to movies with the intention of telling the plot in detail and giving us more minutes of this story that will end in the next batch. After having witnessed that outcome of two epic episodes, it is time to reflect on what happened and the help of the followers is always crucial. Not a single one escapes them.

    The fans of ‘Stranger Things’ have been in charge of detecting a flaw in the last chapters of season 4 and the truth is that we had not even noticed. In fact, this error appears in one of the most spectacular sequences of the last two chapters and has Eddie Munson as the protagonist. If you remember, the young being puts on a wild show to Metallica’s ‘Master of Puppets’ and Dustin helps him plug in his electric guitar. However, if we take into account that the Upside Down has no electricity, it should not work.

    eddie playing scene


    In this parallel world everything is dark and here the Duffers have slipped a little, but there can be no perfect plot and if it is necessary to overlook any detail to create one of the great sequences of the series, we forgive them. Don’t you think? We all agree that Eddie’s performance (already converted into one of the best characters in ‘Stranger Things’) has been one of the moments that will go down in memory, like his departure from fiction that has left us completely devastated. Of course, we do not forgive its creators.

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