The Golden Scorpion and who else slipped into the MILLIONAIRE YACHT of Salinas Pliego

We had already introduced you to the interior of the luxurious millionaire yacht owned by Ricardo Salinas Pliego, founder of TV Azteca and president of Grupo Salinas who is enjoying his boat off the coast of Qatar, in the midst of the World Cup.

In addition to his son and some friends, the businessman allowed some celebrities to sneak into his huge boat, and shared a photo. “Let’s see who you recognize from the photo, this is from the night before, that I had dinner with pure talent that is here at the #FIFAWorldCup”, wrote the businessman.

In the photo you can see Benjamín Salinas, Christian Martinoli, El Capi Pérez, Jorge Campos, Zague, Inés Sáinz, Alex Montiel, better known as El Escorpión Dorado.

Hours before, he asked on Twitter to notify Alex Montiel that he was looking for him. So he then shared a photo of the interpreter of “The Golden Scorpion” already sitting on the luxurious yacht.

“”If he arrived, we were able to locate him and we talked for a while, that @AlexMonthy is an intelligent bastard, and @ESCORPIONGOLDEN is a barbaric character, there is no doubt that you have to know people to be able to judge them. We were waiting for him @ChumelTorres to see if he dares to come! “.

For his part, El Escorpión published a video on board the yacht with Jorge Campos and El Capi Pérez, smoking a cigar.

By the way, Ricardo Salinas Pliego wanted to infuriate his detractors by conducting a survey via Twitter about his “mega yacht”.

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