“The Goldman legacy”, a cover album between classical and gospel

Expected this Friday, “L’Héritage Goldman” pays tribute to the singer’s repertoire by reinventing his greatest pieces, with classical arrangements or the participation of the Paris Gospel Choir.

How to bring to life the repertoire of Jean-Jacques Goldman, who has not released a studio album for 20 years? The Goldman Legacy, album of covers, answers it between classical or gospel, with faithful like Michael Jones in the adventure.

This opus takes the opposite view of Goldman Generation, published almost 10 years ago, which relied on reinterpretations by M. Pokora, Amel Bent, Zaz etc: in The Goldman Legacy, Vol. 1, which comes out this Friday, we find the Choeur Gospel de Paris or even Camille and Julie Berthollet, from the classics. The young singers associated with the project – some of whom have gone through musical TV springboards – have not yet broken through for the most part (we nevertheless find Marina Kaye, also present on a recent piano-voice album by Nicoletta).

“When I listened to the album, I found it healthy, it highlights the music and the words of Goldman, rather than a distribution of big names”, comments for AFP Didier Varrod, musical director of the antennas of Radio France, which signs the notes of the disc.

Risk taking

“It’s an album that tells Goldman quite well, an artist who started out at ballrooms, who loves everything choral, gospel, has a rock-progressive, Celtic heritage (this side will be exploited in a 2nd volume in to appear soon, editor’s note)”, continues the radio man.

The album surprises from the start with The prologue of the sign, instrumental part with the cello and violin of the Berthollet sisters. Then we find their strings on the sung cover of All it takes is a sign.

“This prelude is very original, something we don’t expect for Goldman covers, that’s what we like, risk-taking”, deciphers for AFP Julie Berthollet. “Starting the album like that will attract the ear”, adds Camille.

They had already covered Goldman in instrumental. Here, they continue to break down the barriers between genres, since we heard them in 2020 on the Grand Corps Malade album, ladies, before they revisit the credits of cult TV series in 2021.

“There are plenty of classic roots that we find in song or in pop, whether assumed or by chance, like in All by myself by Céline Dion, based on Rachmaninoff”, slips Camille. “It also corresponds to our playlists, very eclectic, with OrelSan, a prelude by Chopin, Brel, there is no barrier”, abounds Julie.

“Their Own Way”

The Berthollet sisters were born in the 1990s, shortly before Jean-Jacques Goldman retired from musical and public life (which did not prevent him from still being the favorite personality of the French).

“We’re not from the Goldman generation, but from the generation of Goldman’s children, our parents listened to it a lot, we started singing his songs, integrating his chords from a very young age, it’s also part of our musical DNA. , we studied its structures and its formulas which work very well”, develops Camille.

Goldman faithful at the rendezvous

Their opening sticks to the original approach of the man at the helm of this disc, Erick Benzi, arranger, one of Goldman’s faithful, in the same way as the essential Michael Jones. The guitarist covers the hit I give you, where we find the other asset of the disc, the Choeur Gospel de Paris. “It’s the arrangement that made me want, I had already made a gospel wink, on my acoustic album, but there the whole song in gospel, I find it great”, confides to AFP Michael Jones.

Has he spoken with Goldman about the result? “No, I didn’t have Jean-Jacques. I think Erick (Benzi) saw it, but Jean-Jacques has an open opinion on it, he doesn’t participate in these covers but he doesn’t ban them. neither, for him the songs, once they are released, find their own way”.

Source- https://www.bfmtv.com/people/musique/l-heritage-goldman-un-disque-de-reprises-entre-classique-ou-gospel_AD-202201190269.html