the Gonzalez reveal their income from product placements

On the show Families Large : life in XXL on TF1, families are gaining in popularity. And some of them do product placement on the internet. This is the case with Amandine Pellissard, the Gayat family… Or even the Gonzalez followed by more than 157,000 followers on Instagram. Ready-to-wear brands, jewelry or even cosmetics, the mother of 8 children reveals how much they earn thanks to this activity. We tell you everything!

On the set of At Jordan’s, Mélanie Gonzalez does not go there by four paths. She easily unpacks all the details of her influencer activity. ” I love doing free collaborations. There are many little designers who embroider lots of pretty things. One of them told me: ‘Thank you very much Mélanie because thanks to your sharing, I got a lot of orders, I was able to stop my work, and now I live fully from my passion for sewing’. And that is something that I love“, explains Mélanie Gonzalez.

As for paid partnerships, she admits to making a small jackpot each time: It’s around 250 euros per story, but it depends on the number of subscribers and the number of views. It’s really random depending on the brands. We can not say : ‘A story costs so much’. “, she says in effect.

Mélanie Gonzalez reveals how much she really earns

250 euros per story, we are far from the staggering sums advanced by Olivia Gayat a year ago! Indeed, the young woman had already passed in the issuance of Jeremstar. And she had answered the same question. It will depend on the number of posts we have per month, so it varies depending on the month. But if we can give a range, it will go from a minimum of 5,000 euros to 15-20,000 euros per month, just in product placements. , she had confided.

But this figure had surprised more than one! Some netizens even cried foul. Olivier and Soukdavone Gayat thus wanted to dot the “i”. They gave an interview to Entertainment TV September 15, 2021. “People also only understand what they want…” , said the mother.

Last September, Olivia’s parents therefore decided to take stock with our colleagues from the magazine Tele-Leisure. “We opened our business in July 2020 so yes, we are influencers. Olivia even hits harder than all of us on Instagram. All adults in the family have a contract and from time to time. We sell products through the agency that represents us. » explained the father of the family Olivier Gayat in the columns of Tele-Leisure.

Large families : ” You never make 20,000 euros a month”

“It was something we said because we had worked well one month in the year so we made this amount. But otherwise, you never make 20,000 euros a month. Otherwise I would stop working! » , indeed added Olivier. “Then, we must not forget that we have charges. Once we remove them, we divide the sum with 9 other people. This makes us a small salary each. In fact, these words have been misinterpreted. People only withheld that amount and they turned us on.”, thus concluded the father of the family. But still, if they manage to reach up to 20,000 euros per month, it leaves you dreaming!

For their part, the Gonzalez do not rush headlong to each proposal. When we started the show Large familieswe have been told : ‘You will have an Instagram account, you will evolve’. But we set limits, thus temporized Franck Gonzalez. And to indicate: Before TF1, we had our situation, our business, our children and we wanted to have things that looked like us. That’s why Mélanie does a lot of collaborations with children’s designers, because it’s our elementunderlined the entrepreneur. Sometimes we are offered things that don’t suit us, so we don’t do it. »