The guitar that ended Oasis will be auctioned

On May 17, in the city of Paris, an auction will be held for the famous red guitar that was destroyed in one of the dressing rooms and that put an end to the legacy of the British rock group Oasis.

Records with autographs by artists such as guitarist Jimi Hendrix and sadomasochistic-style clothing that belonged to the English band Depeche will also be offered at the auction, according to the Parisian gallery Artpèges and the auction house Lemon Auction.

The brothers Noel and Liam Gallagher, both founders of the group Oasis, were known in the 2000s for their constant fights, and it was in 2009, while they were at a festival in the city of Paris called “Rock en Seine”, when Noel’s guitar ended up destroyed in one of the dressing rooms and immediately the separation of the group occurred.

The crowd and fans who were waiting for the group to leave learned through a megaphone that their favorite group, Oasis, had just broken up. Since then, the Gallagher brothers continue to exchange hints with each other through interviews and on their social networks.

The famous red guitar that belonged to the group was repaired by a French luthier named Philippe Dubreuille, just two years after the incident that became another legend in rock history.

The one who had the guitar repaired was Noel Gallagher, but then he decided to forget about it, arguing that it reminded him too much of Oasis, according to the co-founder of Artpèges, Arthur Perault.

The coveted instrument will have an initial bid of 150 thousand euros, although it is estimated that it could reach between 300 and 500 thousand, according to the gallery of the city of light.


The clothing of Depeche Mode co-founder Martin Gore, known as “bondage” and immortalized by photographer Paul Natkin in the mid-1980s, will start at an auction price of 4 thousand euros, although according to Arthur Perault it could reach up to 12 thousand, a fair amount for a piece of this type, he assured.

Another cult piece, especially for the French people, will be a vinyl record that was signed by guitarist Jimi Hendrix and his group Experience, when a French fan managed to get the whole group to sign it for her during a tour of the continent. Europe, including France, in 1966.

45 years later, the band’s fan managed to get Johnny Hallyday, a close friend of Hendrix, to add his autograph, increasing the value of this jewel that will also be put up for sale.

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