the hearing-impaired Miss radically changes her career, very surprising!

The March 2020 lockdown was a massive blow for many people. Some took advantage of their children like never before. Others have had more time to tinker or pursue their passion. Still others have lived through hell in housing that is too small. For Sophie Vouzelaud, it was a turning point in her professional life and the moment for her to completely change her voice. Indeed, the former beauty queen is embarking on a new career! A passion she discovered during confinement. We’ll let you know which one.

Sophie Vouzelaud, a deaf beauty who goes after her dreams

Sophie Vouzelaud had already taken quite a turn in 2006. Indeed, it was that year that she decided to participate in the Miss France 2007 competition. And she did well since she was elected to be the first runner-up of the winner Rachel Legrain-Trapani. A sacred revenge on life, because the pretty brunette has been deaf since birth. Like what, you can always go to the end of your ambitions, you just have to take the first step which is the most difficult. Since this great victory, the pretty brunette has multiplied the strings to her bow. In fact, she did a lot of things. Sophie Vouzelaud has appeared on television, she is also a model, influencer and actress.

During confinement, she developed a brand new rope. Indeed, she was able to enjoy and advance another of her passions and gourmets will be conquered. Indeed, she embarked on the creation of sweet dishes.

A lockdown, a new job!

Indeed, the former Miss Limousin has become a pastry chef! And Sophie Vouzelaud does not do things by halves since she got a job in the restaurant The Lauryvan in Saint Junien. It is the chef Laurent Breuil who takes advantage of his talents in pastry. From their first meeting, he explains that he immediately believed in his abilities. ” I appreciated his spontaneity, his dynamism and his know-how. I thought she could become a pastry designer. Whether on TV or on social networks, it was attractive…“, he declared for the newspaper Today in France.

Sophie Vouzelaud immediately had great responsibilities

Since this reconversion, Sophie Vouzelaud has not rested on her laurels. Indeed, very quickly, she took charge of major achievements. For example, for Easter Sunday, the pretty Miss had to prepare nearly 90 desserts of the day for the restaurant’s guests. A real fulfillment for the young woman who learned on the job. Indeed, she is an autodidact who learned her new trade on her own. For that, we take our hat off to him! ” It was the confinement that made me want to do it. Without any apprenticeship, I became a pastry chef…“, she revealed.

On his account instagram, she very often publishes her pastry creations in photo or video. Moreover, for the Easter celebrations, you were able to discover his signature dessert for the restaurant: a magnificent chocolate Easter egg that will delight young and old alike. One thing is certain, it is very beautiful and we imagine that it must also be very good. Here are the comments that we could read below his publication: It gives too much desire!“, “ Well done pastry chef“, “ Well done Sophia“, “ Gorgeous“, “ We would eat it every day!“, “ It must be delicious“.

Do not hesitate to view his account instagram to discover its magnificent desserts, each one more beautiful than the other. But beware, your mouth will be watering, that’s for sure! In any case, Internet users are very numerous to leave him very sympathetic comments. In short, a successful conversion for the former beauty queen! What is Sophie Vouzelaud’s next project? Open your own bakery? To be continued…