The heartbreaking reaction of the children of Georgina Rodríguez and Cristiano Ronaldo after the death of their little brother

Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez They went through difficult times together. However, there is one that marked their lives forever. In October 2021, they announced that they were expecting twins, but six months later they experienced a tragedy, one of the two did not survive the delivery.

Georgina and Cristiano’s family. Source: Twitter @showmundialshow

In a recent interview, Cristiano told how the rest of his children reacted to the death of his little brother. After spending a few days in the hospital, Georgina and Christian they took Bella home. Her brothers were very happy for her when they saw her, but after a while they began to ask questions. “The children began to say: ‘Where is the other baby, where is the other baby? Mom, where is the other baby?'” the footballer recalled during an interview with The Sun, the British newspaper.