The heiress to the L’Oréal empire is the richest woman in the world: she does not use private jets, leads a discreet life and rewards scientific research | People | Entertainment

With an inheritance of around 42.370 million dollars, Francoise Bettencourt is the richest woman in the world by also inheriting the most important beauty empire of all, L’Oréal, which allowed her to increase her fortune to no less than 66 thousand millions of dollars.

Bettencourt, 68, is the daughter of the late Liliane Bettencourt, the main shareholder of the French cosmetics and beauty company. Her mother died in September 2017 and since then, she has increased her fortune by 50% and now she fights against a “golden prison” for having so much money, she wrote As.

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The heiress to the L’Oréal empire is the richest woman in the world

The woman, despite the fact that she is the most millionaire in the world, leads a discreet life and stays away from the spotlight, although her kindness is great and she is characterized by supporting projects, especially in science and medicine.

Bettencourt does not mind investing his money in scientific, artistic and cultural projects, such as the reconstruction of the Notre Damme cathedral, where he donated nothing more and nothing less than 226 million euros.

Francoise leads a low-key life and according to those who have the privilege of knowing her, her life in Paris is simple, enjoying French parks and not using private jets for her travels.

She is passionate about literature and art, and those close to her say that she feels like she is in a “golden prison”, not knowing what to do with so much money.

Surprisingly, she never gives interviews and instead prefers to stay in the background focused on her company.

Her philanthropic activities are carried out through the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation, where she is the president. In said foundation she supports scientific, cultural and artistic projects.

In addition, every year they award the Bettencourt prizes for young researchers to 14 new doctors in science or medicine to do their postgraduate studies.

There is also the Bettencourt prize “Coups d’élan pour la recherche française” which each year rewards public biomedical research laboratories for improving their infrastructure and working conditions for life sciences researchers.

Among his philanthropic endeavors, he also supported research projects in neuroscience and autism. In addition to investing in craft companies.

Francoise studied Jewish-Christian international relations. She is married to a Jewish man and converted to Judaism herself.

Another of Bettencourt’s facets is writing. Among his literary works, he released nine five-volume volumes called “A Look at the Bible” in which he lectured on the importance of the relationship between Christianity and Judaism. He also wrote a book on mythology called “The Greek Gods.”

Francoise Bettencourt has two children. The eldest is called Jean-Victor and the youngest is Nicolás, both assumed a large part of the responsibilities in the L’Oreal company.

Of the two, Jean-Victor is the most recognized, since, in 2011, by decision of a judge, he became the guardian of his grandmother, who at 88 already showed signs of suffering from Alzheimer’s. However, both sons of the billionaire lead discreet lives and have also moved away from the spotlight. (AND)

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