The hidden past of Miguel Ángel Roda, the tango singer from Canta Conmigo Ahora

miguel angel roda He is one of the most popular participants in Sing with Me Now, the renewed format with which Marcelo Tinelli returned to TV in 2022. The singer from Lanús gained prominence for his fame as a “womanizer”.

“My artistic part was very sad, asleep. And this program gave me the recognition of many people, they greet me or ask me for a photo. It is always nice that they recognize you beyond the area in which I move, “he said. Miguel Angel in dialogue with Teleshow.

This is not the first time that he has participated in a television reality show, since he competed in La Voz Argentina ten years ago. “I reached the final and, thanks to that, I started working as a tango singer, in the country and abroad. Ten years later I returned to television with Sing with Me Now. There are people who lost track of me in 2012,” she added.

Miguel Ángel Roda in Sing With Me Now.
Miguel Ángel Roda in Sing With Me Now.

“In the country I am Santa Claus, because I don’t exist. Luckily I did seven-month tours in China, Japan and the United States. Outside they treat you as if you were a star”, said Roda about the reason why many tangueros are not prophets in their land.

Miguel Angel grew up in Lanús, in a very large family. His father has a fire fighting company and his mother is retired. No one in her family is related to the artistic environment. In his adolescence he used to play sports, but had to stop due to a health problem.

“I grew up abruptly, my knees weakened and my voice changed, all wrong. My mom saw me sad and she gave me a cassette of so much. She noticed that my voice had deepened a lot and she told me to see if I liked it. Listening to a letter, she stuck to my heart and I started singing tangos when I was 16”, he said Miguel Angel.