The hidden side of President Jeanine Áñez

November 24, 2019, 3:00 AM

November 24, 2019, 3:00 AM

Before beginning her term, she burst into tears over the violence that was attacking Bolivia, and then, wearing the presidential sash, she presented a strong and determined leader to the entire world. Likewise, behind her was the cheerful and simple Jeanine Áñez from the photos on Facebook and Instagram, since her accounts today are ultra-private. Before her daily life was limited to her contacts, her images full of animals formed a collage that circulated through social networks.

The images are 100% real and so is she with the same percentage of certainty, confirmed by her surroundings. She is a staunch defender of animals, extremely sensitive to abandoned dogs and cats, and madly in love with Vicente, an adopted pinscher, and Emilia, a rescued cat. She misses them so much that they will soon move to La Paz.

They say that Vicente is the fourth puppy that he snuggled, the previous ones died of age. They remember that one of his pets was a poodle that the president picked up from the street with its skin completely eaten away by mange. She took care of him, healed him and cried with the animal’s last breath.

His weakness is such that he fed more than 15 cats from his old neighborhood in Trinidad. Although the cats did not live in her house, some stayed occasionally and she always waited for them with her open doors.