THE HUGE rant of François Cluzet against two French actors: “They are idiots!” (video)

He is known for not mince his words and this intervention on French television confirms it. The actor François Cluzet was this week the guest of the magazine En aparté which questions him about two of his colleagues: Jean-Marie Bigard and Fabrice Luchini. Two names that irritate him… Undeniably. “VS’are idiots, I have nothing else to say”he starts before moving on to the positions, in his eyes moved, of the two actors, particularly on government issues. “Shut up!” he says, imagining talking to one of them. “I openly think so, they are megalos!”

Irritated by the remoteness of Luchini and Bigard from their entertainment profession, François Cluzet reminds us that everyone must stay in their place. “What’s wrong? Where are these guys from? They have an ego like a skyscraper!” Aware that he may be getting a little carried away, he explains that he believes that these two actors do not give “a terrible image of the profession”. Then goes again: “They don’t give anything to the public because they are egocentric, navel-gazing, megalomaniacs!”

He ends up “to apologize for getting carried away” but the message did not go unnoticed…

“He made a fool of himself”

On social networks, the reaction of Jean-Marie Bigard was not long in coming this Tuesday. In a video taken in selfie, he indicates that he will respond to the attacks of François Cluzet in TPMP. And jokes about the insults of the French comedian. “I’m still quite proud to be in the same box of the accused as Fabrice Luchini.”

The same evening, Jean-Marie Bigard actually returned to this bad buzz and preferred to play the humor card. “He is right very often I could keep my mouth shut, but what would we be without people who open their mouths a little?” Visibly surprised by these charges, he wishes to ease the tensions and proposes, not without irony: “He We absolutely have to go and drink a chamomile together, it will relax us”.

Fabrice Luchini did not speak following this event but Jean-Marie Bigard indicated that his colleague did “not want to leave anything following”. “He made a fool of himself, we could take him to court for public insult but I’m giving it to him” he concludes.