The identity of the character who kissed Carmen Villalobos in the middle of a party was revealed. Who is it about?

Carmen Villalobos is one of the most recognized Colombian actresses in the world of Colombian entertainment. She managed to captivate the public with her most recent role representing Alejandra Maldonado in the modern version of the telenovela Until the money do us part. During this 2022, Carmen was on the lips of public opinion, more frequently, after her separation from the also actor Sebastián Caicedo was confirmed.

After thirteen years together, the actress and the actor decided to put an end to their union. Carmen made the announcement, after various speculations, through a video that she shared on her social networks. Both have clarified that the reasons for their separation are personal; However, they have stated that there was never a third person in the middle of their relationship.

Recently, a video revealed by the entertainment program I know everything, It shows that Carmen is not entirely alone and that apparently, like her ex-partner, she is giving herself a chance in love. In the video you can see the actress in a nightclub in the company of a man who kisses her passionately during the party. At that time, the media did not disclose who it was and so far the actress has not referred to the fact.

However, the Instagram account of gossip he was in charge of putting an end to the mystery and revealed the name of the person who would be kissing Carmen at said party. This is Frederick Oldenburg.a famous Venezuelan presenter, who has been the face of Exathlon USA, of Telemundo, for several seasons.

Oldenburg also played soccer professionally and was part of the second division of Uruguay, thanks to the fact that, despite being born in Venezuela, he moved to Uruguay in 2012 where he also made his debut as a sports journalist.

It is believed that the couple met when Villalobos was a presenter of Top Chef VIP of Telemundo. So far neither of the two characters in the show business has referred to the issue.

Photo: Instagram @cvillaloboss
Photo: Instagram @cvillaloboss – Photo: Photo: Instagram @cvillaloboss

Sebastián Caicedo’s new girlfriend captivates on social networks

Recently, Sebastián has been seen with another woman and apparently this would be his new partner. The woman with whom the actor is allegedly related is called Juliana Diez, the woman is a businesswoman who has attended various events in the company of Sebastián.

Unlike their previous relationship, Sebastián’s new possible partner He is not part of the Colombian show business, so few details of his private life are known. and all the conclusions that have been drawn can be seen on his personal Instagram account.

The actor and businessman Sebastián Caicedo
The actor and businessman Sebastián Caicedo. – Photo: Taken from the Instagram account: sebastiancaicedo

As registered in her account, the priority for this woman is her son with whom she usually shares. Through her networks, she shows the happy and fun moments that she spends next to her little one. In addition, the woman is a true businesswoman who has ventured into the world of fashion thanks to the clothing brand Navissi, of which she is the director and co-founder.

The woman currently he has more than 14,000 followers on his personal Instagram account; In addition, after she was related to Sebastián Caicedo, searches for the woman’s name have skyrocketed considerably.

The couple has interacted frequently on their social media, so much so that one of the most recent photographs that the businesswoman has with her son, on a beach, was taken by Sebastián Caicedo; This was deduced after the actor commented on the photo to Juliana an emoji of fire and heart to which she replied “you captured a beautiful moment”.

Sebastian Caicedo and Juliana Diez
Sebastian Caicedo and Juliana Diez – Photo: Instagram @sebastiancaicedo @julianadiez