the identity of the fox revealed by mistake in the trailer!

The semi-final of the third season of “Mask Singer” will take place on Friday May 6 and will be broadcast on TF1. To help the jury find out who is hiding under the costumes, a fox will play the role of a mystery investigator. His help should be invaluable to them, especially since Jarry, Alessandra Sublet, Anggun and Kev Adams still have to guess the identity of four characters! The problem is, the fox’s identity was mistakenly revealed in the trailer for the upcoming episode.

Do you know the show “Mask Singer” broadcast every Friday evening on TF1? The principle is as follows: a jury made up of four personalities must guess which star is hiding behind each costume. Very popular, this program is about to offer an international version. Indeed, the project has already been unveiled by the American magazine “Variety”. “Mask Singer” international version will then be broadcast in more than 50 countries. Candidates from all over the world will therefore put on costumes to hide their identity. The French fans of the show are eager to discover this new version which promises many twists!

The mystery investigators: the novelty of Mask Singer

This year, “Mask Singer” returns for a third season and new features! Among them, the presence of mystery investigators. The principle is simple: surprise guests, also masked, appear on the show to offer a performance. But the role of these characters is different from other contestants in disguise. When the jury unmasks a mystery investigator, the latter does not leave the show. He joins Jarry, Kev Adams, Alessandra Sublet and Anggun to help them unmask the other stars.

This novelty brings a little more to the program which is very successful on TF1. Every Friday evening, many viewers attend the performance of carefully disguised stars. Friday, May 6, the jury will see a mystery investigator land, whose face will be hidden by a pretty fox mask. This character will perform before being submitted to predictions. Unfortunately, TF1 missed its surprise! Indeed, the trailer which was supposed to arouse the curiosity of viewers revealed a little too much about this famous mystery investigator.

The identity of the fox revealed by mistake

If you’ve seen the semi-final clips, you might have noticed that the identity of this very special fox was accidentally revealed. Indeed, the artist appears on the screen a few seconds after the arrival of the fox on stage. And this artist is Kenji Girac! The editing team probably didn’t flush out this detail, but it suffices to freeze the image to easily identify the interpreter of “Color Gitano”.

If some viewers are disappointed to have been spoiled in spite of themselves, others are amused by this error and even hope to see others to identify the remaining characters. The banana, for example, could not be unmasked at this time. Nobody knows who is hiding behind this funny disguise.

There are still candidates to be identified

If you missed the last show of “Mask Singer” broadcast on April 29, know that the Croco is the last candidate to be eliminated. Even if the star was unmasked, her identity created a surprise! Indeed, Marc-Antoine Le Bret had already appeared on the set of this third season. He was disguised as Tigress. “Mask Singer” therefore has fun setting traps for his jury by offering the possibility to artists to put on several costumes.

Among the candidates that remain to be identified, the Butterfly and the Tree raise many questions. On the set, we think of Denitsa Ikonomova and Gilbert Montagné. As for the banana and the deer, the mystery remains intact. These are the iconic puzzles from this season of Mask Singer. During the previous episode, certain clues allowed the jury to make assumptions about the Butterfly and the Tree. More difficult to unmask, the stag would be Laurent Ournac according to Kev Adams, Alessandra Sublet, Anggun and Jarry. But today, they have no idea who may be hiding behind this superb banana disguise. The Objeko team will not fail to keep you informed as soon as this information is revealed!