the impact of his song on Casio, Rolex, Twingo and Ferrari

The impact of Shakira’s new song not only reached the figures she spoke about, in this case Gerard PiquéClara Chía and even the former mother-in-law Montserrat Bernabeu, also had an impact on the brands that the singer mentioned to make a couple of comparisons.

Rolex, Ferrari, Casio and Twingothe brands mentioned during the song ‘Shakira: Bzrp Music Sessions Vol. 53′ were also affected, although the effect of the Colombian one ended up benefiting not only these companies in different ways, but also in the marketing from other companies.

This has been called the ‘Shakira effect’ and it is that, apparently, the composer has not only managed to reign the tops of the world charts, but has also become an absolute benchmark for different marketing campaigns, so much so that different companies have benefited from the launch of Shakira and bizarre.

The ‘Shakira Effect’: this is how the brands won after the release of their song

Despite the comparisons Shakira made regarding some brands, the comments turned out to be positive, especially for Casiowho saw considerable growth in mentions and even followers on their social networks, going from 15 thousand total mentions to 1,000,000 just the week of January 12 to 15 and going from an average of 212 likes in December to 17,000 likes in early 2023.

Not only did it increase in followers, it also increased in sales, since in Argentina alone, sales of the brand quadrupled, being the best-selling product, the Casio that would have shown Gerard Piqué In that video where he mentioned his supposed alliance with the brand, other of the public’s favorite models are watches vintage.

hiroyuki sezai manager of Casiowould have been pronounced in an interview with Forbes, commenting that, “We do not have a position as a brand regarding Shakira’s song, however, the song struck me and despite the fact that the singer made a comment in a certain sense about the brand, there was a great uproar among the people and many positive comments about Casio ”.

The theme not only ‘splashed’ to Casioalso did the same with Twingo, triggering the searches for the famous French car Renault, characterized by its compact body and its affordable cost. Her popularity grew to such a degree that in Shakira’s country of origin, Colombia, more than 100,000 units were sold after the premiere of her song with bizarreOn the other hand, Spain thanked the singer for “get everyone talking about the Twingo”.

With respect to engagementseveral brands presented an increase in interactions with their accounts on social networks, being the ones that did best, Rolex and Casio. The countries in which companies became most popular were United States, Mexico, Spain, Chile, Colombia, Argentina and Peru.