The incredible PHOTOS of Andrea Legarreta on her family trip to Japan

After working all year and accompanying us during the mornings on ‘Hoy’, Andrea Legarreta prepared a family trip to receive the New Year 2023 in Japan.

During the last week of 2022, he traveled with Erik Rubín, Mía and Nina Rubín, with whom he enjoyed the landscapes of that country. They lived the experience to the fullest, and even wore the famous kimonos.

Andrea Legarrera is passionate about getting to know other places in the world, and she has said so:

“Traveling is what I love the most in life… It is changing the clothes of the soul… It is filling the memory of the heart with memories… And traveling with my family makes the experience even more wonderful!! Grateful to God Thank you beloved family for this unforgettable journey… @ninarubinl @miarubinlega @erikrubinoficial I love you infinitely”.

The presenter also shared this beautiful postcard, along with a long text: “Japan, December 31, 2022 5:00 pm… Our last sunset of the year!! Grateful and blessed!!”.

Legarreta continued: “And it is that at the end of a cycle you have to do it with gratitude for what it was… For what is left behind… The good and the learning of what perhaps was not the result we expected, but that is never “bad” ”because without a doubt it helps us to grow if we find the lesson… Thank you 2022 for everything we have experienced… The laughter and tears… My eternal loves, my beloved family, my sweet and beautiful parents and my dear friends… Thank you for every moment… Thank you for the work, the fatigue and the result… Thank you for the falls that help us rise stronger and more resilient… Thank you for the laughter and laughter until our stomach hurts!! Those that rescue us sometimes!! Thanks to those who are no longer there , to those who follow and to those who will arrive… Thanks to those who are there or not physically, they are FOREVER…

“Thank you Mia, Nina, Erik for every second since we “are”… And whatever happens, whatever happens are my eternal loves… We can with what God and life bring us… Whatever but always united!! Always family and always team!! I love you infinitely!!! Thank you for every second!! Thanks to those who make me feel that my journey through life has been worth it and joy!! Thank God!! I’m ready for whatever comes I receive it with the acceptance, growth and wisdom that the years have given me and what I lack!! I send you tight hugs and infinite blessings for everyone and yours! Let’s go with everything!! Come on 2023!!! Andrea wrote.

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