The Incredible Story of KFC Founder Colonel Sanders Will Make a Movie in 2023 (or 2024)

Almost everyone knows the KFC logo, consisting of a grandfather with white hair, glasses and a bow tie, all smiles on a red background. Behind this image hides a man, Colonel Sanders, founder of the fast-food KFC (acronym of Kentucky Fried Chicken). Its story, made up of twists and turns, made producer Cheryl Guerriero want to make a film of it.

Before creating his restaurant chain, Harland Sanders was an entrepreneur who sometimes failed, but whose perseverance was rewarded and it was in his sixties that he made the restaurant business. Producer Cheryl Guerriero has decided to join forces with Eric Paquette and his company Meridian Pictures to pay tribute to the perseverance of Colonel Sanders by producing a film that will look back on his phenomenal rise. Entitled A Finger Lickin’ Good Story: The Life of Colonel Sandersthe film will be inspired by the book written by Harland Sanders’ daughter, Margaret, published in 1996 and titled The Colonel’s Secret: Eleven Herbs and a Spicy Daughter.

Chicken at 65

In a statement, Cheryl Guerriero explained her project: “I knew Sanders was a real man, but I had no idea how many jobs he had, how many failures, how many challenges, but the biggest surprise is that he was around 65 when he started his chicken franchise. It is an incredible story of perseverance and faith (…) I am very honored and delighted that Margaret and the family of Colonel Sanders entrusted me with the task of bringing this story to the screen. For anyone who’s ever wanted to quit, been fired, or felt too old to pursue a dream, or anyone who has a complicated relationship with a family member, I’m sure this story will not only inspire and resonate, but also entertain.” The release date and cast of A Finger Lickin’ Good Story: The Life of Colonel Sanders are currently unknown. But that won’t be until 2023.

A table for 6 KFC spears

While waiting to learn more, a quick look back at the life of Colonel Sanders: Harland David Sanders was born in 1890 in Henryville, a few kilometers from Kentucky in the United States. After leaving school at 12 and trying his hand at farming and then driving trams, he enlisted in the army before he was even 16. Really ambitious, Harland Sanders always has new ideas and he soon launches into the manufacture of carbide lamps by setting up his own factory. Unfortunately, his bright idea did not achieve the expected success. Harland Sanders therefore changed his tune and decided to move towards the profession of railway worker while enrolling in evening law courses. But his legal career did not last very long either, particularly following a conflict with a client. Harland Sanders still does not despair and has more than one string to his bow: he decides to take over the Standard Oil franchise, an oil distribution company. But fate persists and the timing is not perfect: a drought leads to a major economic crisis and Harland Sanders struggles to sell his product. He then took over a small service station in Kentucky. With many unsuccessful experiences, Harland Sanders learned from his failures. This time, he launches into catering and sets up a table for six in the reserve of his service station. This is the first step towards today’s KFC. After many setbacks and adventures, he no longer lets go of his business and then works on his communication while taking care of his brand image. Entrepreneurs are quickly attracted and buy him for 2 million dollars. Harland Sanders still remains the representative of the company, but he felt before his death in 1980 that the quality of the products had declined.


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