The “King Kong” of Dominican television, men who stand against all odds

Three great pillars of Dominican television, Yaqui Núñez del Risco, Freddy Beras Goico and Rafael Corporán de los Santos, left a legacy of their work, both in production and in hosting and animation in entertainment programs. Each one with their respective styles influenced a generation of men who today are the most distinctive masculine faces of the local small screen in the entertainment area.

Following the new currents and joining the innovative technologies, the presenters and hosts of entertainment programs continue to “take the fight”, being the image of the first order of our television, people like Domingo Bautista, Jochy Santos, Michael Miguel Holguín, Jhoel López, Frederick Martínez “El Pachá”, Roberto Ángel Salcedo, Iván Ruiz and Luis Manuel Aguiló are the masculine faces that remain active in entertainment television production, with an amalgam of programs (daily or weekly) that make our television a consumable proposal.

Daniel Sarcos joined from Venezuela, who hosts “Aquí se Habla Español” and who has now returned to Color Vision, where he started a decade ago.

On television in Santiago the names of Nelson Javier “El Cocodrilo”, Francisco Vásquez and José Fabián stand out.

+ broke schemes
Daring to do a different job and outside the “canons” of the moment was the challenge that Domingo Bautista faced in the 1980s, prevailing, despite the criticism he received for breaking with the established patterns. His productions “La Super Tarde” and “La Super Revista” (Color Vision) were on the air for more than 20 years and were first-rate scenarios for the dissemination and promotion of popular art.

With this stage concluded, Domingo continued with his peculiar style in “Sábado extraordinary”, by Telemicro, and more recently in “El Super meridian”, by Supercanal 33.

Together with Domingo, Michael Miguel Holguín was born, leader in animation of the kilometric space “De Extremo a Extremo”, by Digital 15. Holguín also became a guru of this school of vibrant animation, of “permanent agitation”.

+ From the Yaqui stream
Iván Ruiz, trained at the Yaqui Núñez school, has been able to bring television to the real world with “La telereality” which he exhibits daily in “El Show del Mediodía” (Color Vision).
Iván, who was recently appointed director of the State Radio and Television Corporation, appears in “El Show” with a calm driving format, but at the same time, dynamic, of “dramatic transition”, attached to the demands of the production television today.

Jochy Santos was also trained in the school of Yaqui and Freddy Beras, but his style is impregnated with a colloquial humor, which characterized him among the others. After successful years of “Funny with Jochy”, “La Jocheta” is now establishing itself with the show “It’s still early” on Tuesdays (Color Vision), based on interviews and humor.

From the current of Domingo and Corporán, Frederick Martínez emerged in the 1990s, who burst in with a more daring twist.

“El Pachá” has experienced a variety of stages on Dominican television, being the protagonist of countless scandals, but with a unique way of animating.

His most recent proposal, “Pégate y gana con El Pacha”, was born in Color Vision a decade ago and since November 2020 it has been seen on Teleradio América.

Since the 1980s, Roberto Ángel Salcedo, at that time “Robertico”, had an impact on television with content, especially for children.

Along with his father, former mayor Roberto Salcedo, he was nurtured by the best school, with a sober style, which was adapting to the new demands of the market, especially seasoned with humor and spontaneity.

He is one of the oldest drivers on Dominican television, he is in charge of “Vale por 3” and “Más Roberto”, the latter is hosted by him.

+ Jhoel Lopez

Jhoel López is one of the youngest among the presenters or entertainers of local television, a medium in which he gravitates since his childhood.

After several experiences, he established himself with the Saturday proposal “I like it at night” (Color Vision), through which he brings fun and innovative content to the viewer.

Luis Manuel Aguilo.
Another solid name is that of Luis Manuel Aguiló, who divides his time into three important obligations: the production of his television program “Bien de Bien” for Teleantillas, the marketing vice-presidency of Colonial de Seguros and the program of radio “Good day with Aguiló”, from Monday to Friday from 7:00 to 9:00 on Caliente 104.1 FM.

Since the times of the reality shows, “De Remate”, “El Escándalo del 13” and “Todo bien”, his face is a Dominican television asset.