The Koala on The Masked Singer: Fans know – it’s ER

“The Koala” on “The Masked Singer”: fans know – it has to be ER

This is the TV hit “The Masked Singer”

This is the TV hit “The Masked Singer”

The start of the new TV show “The Masked Singer” already gave ProSieben excellent ratings. We explain what the show is about.

show description

He is cute, fluffy and wowed the audience by storm: This little fellow has for “The Masked Singer“ has come a long way. “The koala“ left Australia to make a big appearance every Saturday in Cologne, around 14,700 kilometers away.

But which celebrity is really under the mask of “The koala“?

“The Koala” in “The Masked Singer”: Has he ever been a jungle camp star?

So far, there are not many indications that the “The Masked Singer“-candidates could give away. What a performance! Even before his first “The Masked Singer” performance, “Der Koala” wraps the ProSieben viewers around its finger. A week before the official start of the season, the cute bear crashes the game show “Beat the Star”. The audience is immediately in love.

The broadcaster has not yet revealed much about the star from Australia, who is said to “love German cuisine”. Could it possibly be a former jungle camp resident?

“The Koala” in “The Masked Singer”: Ruth Moschner immediately has to think of Rea Garvey

ProSieben anticipates one thing: the owner of the “Eucalyptus Express” snack bar prefers to travel slowly. Fast choreos à la “Das Axolotl” are therefore rather untypical for him.


Notes on the Koala:

  • The koala has its own snack: the “Eucalyptus Express”
  • He loves bratwurst, garden gnomes and Neuschwanstein Castle
  • He even delivers his special “Hang Loose” bratwurst right to your front door


Pure anticipation is spreading under the announcement on Instagram. “My absolute favorite costume, the koala looks so cute,” enthuses a user. Another commented: “I don’t care who’s in there. I ONLY like the costume!”


The Koala: These are the tips

  • Paul Panzer
  • Paul Potts
  • Bata Ilic
  • Rolando Villazon


And even jury member Ruth Moschner gets involved: “Rea Garvey looks somehow different in the photo… so cute!” But since the Irishman is part of the advice team again this time, this can be ruled out. It’s a funny idea nonetheless.

Meanwhile, fans suspect opera singer Rolando Villazon. The name of the native Mexican can be read again and again in the Instagram comments.


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“Der Koala” is currently broadcast live on ProSieben every Saturday from 8:15 p.m. Then the guessing fun continues!