The Komander remembers Debanhi and, moved, dedicates a song to him

The entertainment world was shaken by the disappearance and death of Debanhi Escobara young woman from Nuevo León who, after 13 days of searching, was found dead in a cistern at the Nueva Castilla Motel.

The Komander is one of the celebrities who joined the pain of loss caused by the death of this young man of only 18 years, who caused a stir on social networks thanks to some images that were captured in his last moments.

The band exponent and norteño did not hesitate a second to dedicate a song to Debanhi in one of his live performancesHence, the audience present applauded this gesture of empathy and solidarity that the singer made like a gentleman.

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Femicides have impacted Mexico in recent years, so the voice of artists and celebrities is present whenever it is needed. Alfredo Ríos El Komander decided to raise his voice for Debanhi and dedicate the song “Rest my love” to him, which he composed in 2019.

The Komander remembers Debanhi and, moved, dedicates a song to him. Photo: Facebook

From its beginnings in the world of regional Mexican music The Komander It has become one of the favorites, and it is that it has a very peculiar style to interpret corridos and rancheras songs, which have put it in the eye of the hurricane.

He is one of the most talented and daring singers, always looking for ways to innovate and surprise his audience, who appreciates each one of his songs and is on the lookout for everything he does.

The owner of the success ‘Soy de rancho’ is extremely creative on social networks and when it comes to launching his content he does not hesitate to show solidarity with noble causes, for which he has become one of the favorites and spoiled.

Without a doubt this touching gesture that he had for the girl from the north of the country, her relatives will appreciate it, since unfortunately, by losing her life, she marked the history and direction of Nuevo León.

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Now his father, Mario Escobar and his wife are in charge of thoroughly investigating how the unfortunate death occurred, since the body appeared and brought with it doubts and questions that the Mexican people themselves ask the government.

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