“The last day of the year was not glorious”

On Instagram, Stéphane Plaza took the floor to send his wishes to his subscribers for the new year. The host and real estate agent took the opportunity to reveal a small health problem he encountered at the end of 2022. He intends to attack 2023 in better shape than ever!

“It’s time to live the life you imagined.” This is the first sentence of Stephane Plazato get the year 2023 off to a good start. Using a photo taken in an idyllic setting, the star host of M6 took the time to write down some of his thoughts, mostly positive, but also makes a revelation about his state of health.

Stéphane Plaza: review of his year 2022… which ended badly! He had a health problem

On Instagram, the 52-year-old star real estate agent very often shares photos of his daily life. What he likes, what he does (such as his play A magical couple), which makes him laugh…. Stéphane Plaza is very active. To mark the end of 2022he already had shared an Instagram post to end the year in style but also to thank the people who have always been by his side. “A big thank you to you. I am living the most beautiful dreams that a man could hope for. Despite the difficulty of this world which loses its reason, I will always be there to help you find the key to happiness. And above all, don’t forget not that after each storm the sun ends up shining…”

Recently, he reiterated. But this time, to send himself some sort of New Year’s greetings. Stéphane Plaza has also revealed in his message that he encountered some health concerns. “We often say that the way we end the year is crucial because it will reflect what awaits us”he begins.

“So it would seem that my year will have a taste of paradise! My last days of 2022 I spent them in this idyllic setting (…) what I remember above all are human values: kindness, sharing and respect! Because ultimately a successful year is a year where we make people happy”writes the very good friend of Jeanfi Janssens and Karine Le Marchand.

What worries me is that I also ended the year with a sciatica !”, reveals the real estate agent, revealing this little health glitch that is more painful than serious. But do not panic, the facilitator does not intend to let go: “So, in order not to have your back full in 2023, I will continue to take care of my health : to me water, fruits, vegetables and turmeric. I will also attack a cure of ginger because on this side either the last day of the year was not glorious, he says, visibly determined to stay healthy. As a reminder, he spent more than a hundred days sober after making good on his bet to quit alcohol.

Stéphane Plaza given for dead: he pushes a rant

Recently, the animator and regular resident of Big heads of RTL was victim of false information from a Youtuber who runs a channel called world storyteller. She broadcasts videos there informing of the death of film or television stars. Thus, Alain Delon, Mimie Mathy, Isabelle Adjani and Stéphane Plaza could have echoed their own death. “A few minutes ago, television presenter Stéphane Plaza died in agony”, thus titled the chain. A video that was not at all to the taste of the host, whose 90-year-old father hastened to knock on his door. Who can do this? At 1:30 my father, 90 years old, has just climbed four by four, the six floors leading to my apartment. Shame on these irresponsible“, he had carried away in story.

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