The Last King: When and where to watch the second season of the Vicente Fernández bioseries? – The Sun of Mexico

The Last King, produced by Juan Osorio. Just a few weeks ago the first part was released and due to its success, it has already been announced that it will have a second season. The series produced by Juan Osorio and starring Pablo Montero will return to television in a few days.

Today we tell you the details about the premiere of its second season, which is expected to be more controversial than the previous one, since it should be remembered that since it began it has had the disapproval of the Fernández family.

When and where to watch The Last King

Despite the fact that this production began with a controversy due to the fact that a few hours after its premiere, Vicente Fernández’s family filed a lawsuit to prevent it from being broadcast, the bioseries managed to reach the small screen with great success.

According to Juan Osorio, The Last King has had high numbers in rating and exceeded the success they expected.

Due to this and because there are still many things to tell about Vicente Fernández, a second season will be released, something that the producer had already anticipated.

The second part of The Last King will be broadcast on Canal de las Estrellas, that is, channel 2, on open television. If you have Izzi you can watch the series on channel 2, 102 or 802; on Megable on channel 102 or 1102, Totalplay on channel 32 or 102.

Instead, on Dish through channels 102 or 602 and on Sky on 102 or 1102.

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The date on which the second season will arrive on the small screen will be this Monday, May 16 at 9:30 p.m. in central Mexico.