“The last one and we’re leaving”: Adrenaline withdraws from the stage, but not before giving a luxury closure for his fans

The already legendary Salvadoran group Adrenalina says goodbye once and for all to the stage. Despite this, the members of the band will continue to produce material for the audience.

For years, the group Adrenalina represented a large part of the Salvadoran idiosyncrasy in the lyrics of their songs, and not only that, they reconfirmed that in El Salvador there is good, quality, commercial or independent music, which can represent the country anywhere in the world. world.

Who hasn’t heard his hit “La maldita” at some point in his life? It’s almost impossible to find someone who hasn’t.

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“La bacha”, “Mamasssita”, “Oscuridad”, “HIV”, “Memosa” are still in the memory of the public, who will have the opportunity to see their favorite band live for one last time. They will have two farewell shows, both on June 4 at the Teatro Galerías (tickets on sale at Todoticket).

And it is that the “adrenos” announced the definitive closure of their live presentations, each one will go their own way, some of them outside the Salvadoran borders.

Adrenalina has made a great contribution to Salvadoran music. Photo: courtesy Adrenaline

They leave, but not before giving a show -which had to be duplicated- unique, prepared for all those who have closely followed their career. In an interview with elsalvador.com, Carlos Galicia, Moisés Anaya and Aaron Sztarkman spoke about their experience in the band and about what they have prepared for their touches of “El último y nos voy”.

It is clear that one of the reasons for the separation of the band is that Galicia is leaving the country. “After Adrenalina, in my personal case, I am going to make a clean slate, because I am leaving the country when I have hardly ever left El Salvador,” he commented.

Of course, he pointed out that he will not separate himself from music, for him it is impossible: “I hope to finish some EPs that I have planned (…) I do not know if I am going to be able to do something with the music where I am going, but I do know that I will not I’m going to stop writing songs, even if they just stay on my laptop or in my head, because music is a beautiful vice that has given me a lot, thanks to all the fans for making this possible.

For his part, Sztarkman did the opposite, after being out of the country for a long time, he returned and, together with his teammates, starred in one of the most memorable encounters on Adrenaline.

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“I had a lot of faith in the new songs – I was not in favor of getting together again if we were going to release songs that we were not satisfied with – but seeing that people sang songs like ‘Verde’ and ‘Ralenti’ at the top of their lungs in the touches, it was something very nice”.

Adrenalina’s road has been long, but very fruitful, Anaya attributes it to different factors, such as “stop complaining that there is no support for your project and better make things happen”.

Adrenaline: school and family

Each of the members enriched their lives with the different stages of Adrenalina. As all his fans know, Galicia arrived a little after the group was founded, he became a vocalist and fulfilled the demands and expectations of the fans.

Anaya, Galicia and Sztarkman in one of their concerts. Photo: courtesy Adrenaline

“The truth was I was very scared. I saw Adrenalina as a much more pro band than the band I was in (…) now I had a challenge, to make original music with kids (because most of them were a couple of years younger than me ) who came from playing with the ex-vocalist of Broncco and that was big words, I wanted to be up to the challenge and above all learn to make songs that had more weight, “explained the singer.

Together, the adrenos wrote their own chapter in Salvadoran musical history, marking more than one generation. Proof of this is what Anaya experienced a few days ago.

“New special moments still happen, small, simple, but they are enjoyed more and more. Last week I went to a travel agency and heard ‘Oscuridad’ in the background in an office,” he said.

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He continued: “Out of curiosity I asked what radio they had tuned in. A customer service person told me that everyone in the office had recognized me and that they had put on the Adrenaline playlist. If that doesn’t make you smile as an artist… change professions “.

For Galicia, among the most memorable moments are the presentation they had at the National Theater, although they do not forget when in 1997 they opened for Def Leppard at their concert in El Salvador, when they played at the Guatemala bullring or the countless national festivals and international in which they participated. Nor does he forget when they went on tour with tropical groups throughout the Cuscatleco territory.

“We could write a book only of the anecdotes of the touches, I keep every time we have been able to hear people sing our songs, each and every time,” he said.

It must be made clear that Adrenalina not only became popular for its songs, but also for its live shows, both in the past and most recently.

Without a doubt, their farewell shows will remain in the memory of the artists and their audience. Photo: courtesy Adrenaline

“I feel that we always put together concerts that we would be proud of over time. They were few presentations, but well produced and with an excellent call. They have all been recorded in audio and can be enjoyed on all streaming platforms,” ​​Aarón said.

what’s coming

The first thing to take into account from today is that there is less than a week left for the adrenos to give their last show, which was doubled due to the almost immediate Sold Out of the first show, both were left for this Saturday, June 4.

About these shows, Sztarkman pointed out: “We are putting together an environment in the theater with which people can interact with us throughout the concert. The stage will be in the center with the public around, as it was in La Luna. We have 22 songs ready for each function, but we know that we will touch more. Of course that we are going to record it and to film”.

His fans are also waiting for the next material that the band promised, Moisés clarified that a lot of music is coming. “After our farewell show, we will have a musical production period. We have recorded the basis for three albums of new Adrenalina music,” he explained.

And he gave an important advance: “The great news is that more than 20 national artists have done us the honor of recording versions of our songs, which will be part of an album that for the moment is called ‘The same as always'”.

He concluded: “Adrenalina concerts will no longer be there, but new music will be.”