The latest attack on Meghan Markle

Everything or nothing has changed since the Duke and Duchess of Sussex left the British Royal Family in March 2020. Harry and Meghan now have a different life in the United States, the life they wanted, while the British monarchy faces the biggest change in seven decades with the arrival of Carlos III to the Crown after the death of Isabel II. However, there is something that has not changed. The couple denounced on several occasions feeling that they were the target of attacks from a very specific sector of the British press, and even sued some publishers and newspapers. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex explained -also in the recent documentary that they have released on Netflix- how they became, according to them, the target of attacks of hate, violence, racism and misogyny. the sunafter the broadcast of that documentary, published a column that has been withdrawn and for which they have had to apologize.


It was the journalist Jeremy Clarkson who proclaimed in an opinion column, which is no longer available on his website, phrases like the following: “At night I can’t sleep as I lie down gnashing my teeth and dreaming of the day she [Markle] parade naked through the streets of every town in the UK, while crowds chant ‘Shame!’ and throw piles of excrement at him”making reference to the scene in which Cersei Lannister in Game of Thrones she walked the streets of King’s Landing naked while being insulted, beaten and vilified by the citizenry after being sentenced to violent public humiliation for her sins.

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The journalist -who has a long list of controversies behind him- He assured that everyone who is his age thinks exactly like him, hinting that it is only some young people who give some kind of credibility to the story that Meghan tells.. “I hate her. Not like I hate Nicola Sturgeon [primera ministra escocesa y líder nacionalista] or Rose West [condenada en 1995 por torturar, violar y asesinar al menos una decena de jóvenes en su casa de Gloucester en compañía de su marido]. I hate her with every cell,” wrote Jeremy Clarkson, who according to the BBC (chain that in 2015 did not renew its contract after a “physical attack” on one of the producers of its program) has made racist and deliberately provocative comments in the past, such as driving in Argentina with a vehicle whose plates seemed to refer to the Falklands War that pitted the British and Argentines, an episode that hurts Argentina about a conflict that neither forgets nor forgives.


‘Apologies are just a publicity stunt’

Although Clarkson believes that everyone thinks like him, his column has provoked the largest number of complaints in history to the body that regulates the newspaper industry in the United Kingdom (IPSO), with almost 20,000 requests to remove what was published and apologize. British personalities, politicians from all walks of life and citizens have written to Victoria Newton, director of the sun, asking that the necessary measures be taken against the person who signed those words. For now, the article was withdrawn, the tabloid recalled that the opinions of the columnists are their own and regretted what happened. “The opinions of the columnists are their own, but as editors, we know that freedom of expression entails a responsibility,” it can be read on the website of the aforementioned British media. Meanwhile, via Twitter, Jeremy Clarkson posted a message in which he acknowledged having made an “awkward reference to Game of Thrones” and that he was “appalled that he had caused so much damage”. That which, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex do not swallow the apology and through a spokesman declare that they do not accept them because they are “just a publicity stunt.”

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