The lawsuit between Flor Rubio and Elisa Beristain explodes live and without filters

Before the premiere of Survivor, the teams of Come joy and Gossip No Like They will try to defend their collaborators, and it was clear that there will be no filters, as happened with Flor Rubio’s live lawsuit against Elisa Beristain.

As part of the Survivor contestants, there is Gabriel Cuevas, a reporter for “Venga la alegría” and a faithful pupil of Flor Rubio. On the other hand, there is Javier Ceriani, Elisa Beristain’s partner in the controversial program ‘Chisme no like’.

In the first days, the row broke out between Ceriani and Cuevas. The Argentine told the native of Champotón that he was a “nobody”, whom everyone hates. “They took you out of the first (season) because you’re a poison,” Javier told Gabriel.

So the round started with Elisa and Flor. “You know Gabrielito well, he is poisonous, Javier is very direct.”

Flower refuted: “Here, the one who said ugly things is Ceriani, he told him ‘you are a nobody’, which is not well seen in this country. He told him ‘no one loves you’, and yes there are people who love him very much. So it seems to me that the one who got out of control was your Javier, not Gabriel”.

Elisa Beristain replied: “Sadly they don’t want your collaborator.” So Flor replied: “But hello, do they love Javier very much?”

“That this does not affect us, but we have not fully seen the full clip, what really happened,” said Flor with restraint. Elisa, for her part, said that Ceriani was only defending herself.

After several minutes of fighting, Elisa shouted: “Hashtag Team Javier”, while Flor: “Hashtag Gabo Cuevas”.