The Leonese youtubers Geros and Mona already have their piñata

Guanajuato.- So much has been the success of the Guanajuato tiktokers Geros and Monathat the Piñatería Ramírez He already made them their piñata with everything and a wedding ring.

Mona and Geros’ piñata. Photo: Instagram.

Just a few days ago, the couple got engaged in Monterrey, having as witnesses Edwin Luna de la Trakalosa and Kimberly Flores, his wife.

From that moment, his more than 5 million followers on Facebook were moved and shared the news that has been the topic of the moment.

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Hello girls! because you asked for it and Piñateria Ramírez makes it possible: Piñatas de MONA Y Geros, the rockstars of the moment from the land where life is worth nothing, the neighborhood supports them and Piñateria Ramírez too, ”says the publication.

They change their look

Not only that, the change came to the life of this Leonese couple, who also showed off with a change of image.

Geros and Mona with a change of look. Photo: Instagram.

While Mona sports totally black hair, on the contrary, Geros dyed his hair platinum blonde.

The influencers are on tour, in meet and greet and sharing his story of struggle and entrepreneurship on social networks.

Mona and Geros with the ring. Photo: Instagram.

geros is in the boot business, and Mona, in clothing sales and makeup tutorials.

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