The lessons that Yeison Jiménez after losing more than 4,000 million in scams

The popular music singer, Yeison Jiménez, was talking about his life and the events that marked his story in the podcast ‘Investors Naked’. There he touched on some neuralgic points in his life that led him to “not trust”.

Jiménez expressed that success is not only measured in money. “In what little I have been able to learn, I have tried to measure success by the size of happiness. That is, something that brings me happinessis bringing me success,” he added.

“I surround myself with a lot of people; As I am not a very malleable person -I studied metalworking- that has allowed me to meet people who have money, have free time, but are not happy and there is a brutal lack. It happens a lot with artists, who do a lot of crazy things,” he continued.

“I am the son of peasant parents, but businessmen, my father was a rich man in the town where I was born, at 36 years old he enjoyed a medium economic quality. My mother has always liked commerce very much, ”but she assured that the relationship was damaged and remained in the middle.

In the meantime, he said:I didn’t look for music, music looked for me, I was never obsessed with success. I arrived at a market square (from Caldas) to carry packages from 3 am to 11 am, I studied from 12 noon to 6 pm, I got home at 7:30 pm because I was walking, at 9 pm I finished my homework. and I went to bed at 2:30 am to get up to work.”

“I was always armed, I was living a war between the neighborhoods, I was exhausted from that life of excesses, and I left when I met a girl who was very hot who was a Christian” and there he began to attend church with her.

After several ups and downs in his life, he was attending the Spring of Eternal Life church for some time, and took several of his friends, who unfortunately lost their lives, at 15 or 17 years old. In the midst of that, “I met God and when you meet God, he is never the same again,” he said.

He affirmed that he made an empire “saving 1,000 pesos, because the only thing I had left daily was that, I exchanged it for bills, kept them under the mattress and collected a million pesos. What was he doing with it? I was going to a recording studio and even my older sister made fun of it.”

He also mentioned a recording studio that he “stole” from him, but said that he started by asking to be allowed to sing in bars and when they allowed him, he would sell his album, which cost him $600 to produce. “If they gave me $500 they stole from me, but from then on, I earned…$5,000, $10,000, whatever. And in one of those bars, I met Rafael, who was my manager for 10 years.

“After 2 years traveling around this country by bus, I hit my first song, after many very strong stories, sleeping in a park, going to a town because ‘they had hired me’ and they wouldn’t let me sing. Get back how you can, ”she said; furthermore, when he came home, his mother would ask her how it had gone, and she would always reply “very well, but she would cry” in her bed, when no one was looking.

He also said that after the fourth song, he began to see “silver but not money.” And he clarified that having money referred to large amounts. “I am among the three richest men of my gender, only I don’t think I’m rich. I had pig farms, a dairy farm, a potato chip factory, in the first 10 businesses I did, they robbed me; Everything happened to me, I had nightclubs, restaurants, ”he added.

He mentioned that he was going to buy a nightclub and borrowed $80 million, but it turned out to be owned by someone else, so it was a loss. Similarly, he wanted to build a house, and had to change master builders 4 times to finish the building, because “It was the most disastrous exercise of my life. The problem was all the suffering to get her out.”

In another business he invested $390 million “or more”. And he said that he has 9 companies, of which two are music and the others are not related to music. He assured that its growth began when it began to have profits of more than $50,000 million; “If a business doesn’t let me sleep, there’s no business,” she said.

And he affirmed that in a bad deal, after doing intelligence to him, he fell into a scam with 4 more people, because “a person of my extreme trust was duped. And it was a business in which $4.8 billion in cash was lost in 15 days” in October 2020, he said.

And he asserted that if a person does not have clear support and an estate agent is robbed, “in this country, it is stolen”, because that is typified as a breach of trust and does not give jail. SEMANA tried to contact the artist, without success.