“The Lions Den”: Death drama behind the scenes

Through their participation in “Die Höhle der Löwen” Anne, 37, and Stefan Lemcke, 39, became multimillionaires. Now the two emigrated to Mallorca – and there is a sad reason for this step.

“The Lion’s Den”: Mega success after TV deal

As Anne and Stefan Lemcke 2016 presented their spice startup “Ankerkraut” in the successful VOX show “Die Höhle der Löwen” Multimillionaires would be.

At that time, investor Frank Thelen invested 300,000 euros into the young spice company and thus laid the foundation for a successful Future. Today the company has a trading turnover of 30 million euros per year – amazing!

Not even that Corona crisis was able to slow down the couple and their spice company, as Stefan Lemcke explained to “deutsche-startups”:

We far outperformed, but this is clearly due to the partial closure of the retail trade. People were happy that they were able to shop online – we felt this very much. On the first day of the first lockdown, our online sales doubled, this trend didn’t go on forever, but it remained at a very high level throughout the year.

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“The Lions’ Den”: Sad news

It seems like Anne and Stefan have every reason to celebrate – if there isn’t one sad event that is currently overshadowing the success and which is why the two are now even Germany Turn your back and want to start a new life in Mallorca.

But what happened? Stefan Lemcke lost within shortest Time his father and then his mother – a bad one Stroke of fate. Accordingly, the 39-year-old cared for his parents until the end: “Shortly before the success came, the two died.”

The TV star further revealed that his parents are after heavier illness died and it all happened suddenly. In order to let the past rest, the family finally emigrated to Mallorca. Stefan emphasized: “My parents would be very happy that we are here now. They were so in love with this island.”

Now they are alive Founder of success in Santa Ponsa – but that doesn’t make the family really happy, as the 39-year-old concludes opposite to VOX clarified: “I would exchange all my money if I could bring the loved ones back. They are gone, they will never come back.”

Source used: VOX, “german startups”

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