“The Lion’s Den”: Georg Kofler fights with Nico Rosberg

“The Lion’s Den”
Georg Kofler bickers with Nico Rosberg

By Kai Butterweck

In addition to delicious sweets, a career app for job seekers and a stylish incense weapon against obtrusive wasps, this time there are also two scratchy lions in focus. One of them leaves the studio in a rage and visibly annoyed.

One relies on the tech market, the other is very familiar with the shelf business and a third lives and loves family entrepreneurship: Within the pride of lions, everyone involved has a very special area of ​​​​competence. Sometimes people like to put their heads together, exchange ideas and decide to do something together. No matter how it turns out in the end, one is usually far away from out-of-control turf wars or too nasty territorial vibes, despite competing attitudes. This time, however, a veteran lion bursts the hat cord. We’re talking about Georg Kofler, the social media expert from Tyrol who is slightly impulsive and sometimes a bit brash, but basically always with a good-humor aura, padding through the investor area.

However, before it comes to a mini scandal, everything is running as usual. In addition to sad looks and the realization that you can also gain profitable experience in defeat (craftsman Wilhelm “Willi” Frank from Oftersheim rushes just past a deal with his aerating “NIVILLI” nail clocks, but gets consistently positive feedback ), one rejoices with founders who clear the pitch hurdle with flying colors.

Anti blue light cosmetics and sweet tarts

For example, “Mijasi” founder Isabel Bäring from Berlin secured Nils Glagau’s investor services, while Löwen colleague Ralf Dümmel invested in a “frozen product” for the first time since the format began in 2016 (“Nice Tarts”). In addition to anti-blue light cosmetics and delicious tarts, the game-based career app of the four capitals Florian Dyballa, Boas Bamberger, David Biller and Arbnor Raci is also causing a stir (“Aivy”). The two investors Dagmar Wöhrl and Carsten Maschmeyer are particularly interested in this. Despite a very high company valuation (founders offer 10 percent of the company shares for a whopping 450,000 euros), in the end they agree on a long-term cooperation.

It all looks like an ordinary “The Lion’s Den” evening with a lot of joy and a little bit of sorrow. But then the mother-daughter duo Claudia (49) and Leslie (17) Eckert entered the lion’s den. The barbecue friends and wasp allergy sufferers from Stuttgart have a stylish anti-flying insect smoking box with them. With their self-developed “VapoWesp” invention, the Swabians guarantee happy barbecues and cozy terrace evenings without annoying visits from the realm of biting insects.

“Is he making a deal back there now?”

Georg Kofler is enthusiastic and rushes forward: “Your Swabian inventiveness is at its finest. I really enjoy doing it with you!”, it rumbles through the lion’s den. The duo also wowed Ralf Dümmel and Judith Williams with their “weapon” against uninvited summer guests based on coffee and scented powder. Suddenly there are three offers on the table, which means that the founders withdraw to give advice. Exactly at this moment Nico Rosberg leaves his seat and walks behind. “Is he making a deal with those two back there?” asks Judith Williams.

“The Lion’s Den” on TV

“The Lion’s Den” can be seen on Vox every Monday at 8:15 p.m. The show is also available on RTL+.

Two minutes later, Nico Rosberg is back in his chair and grinning mischievously. Now Georg Kofler rumbles: “Have you made a deal outside the lion’s den?” the angry investor wants to know. Nico Rosberg keeps a low profile: “I won’t tell you,” replies the former Formula One world champion. At that moment, the mood changes. Although Nico Rosberg tries to settle things with an enlightening statement (“I just wanted to tell the two who or which combination would make the most sense from my point of view”), the drop is already sucked – at least for Georg Kofler.

Georg Kofler trudges out of the studio

The investor rips the microphone system off his body, stands up and says goodbye with a few words that have an effect: “You can all slide down my hump!” the entrepreneur hisses. Judith Williams and Ralf Dümmel’s jubilation (both investors agree on a combination deal), which was just in focus, is only a side note. The final image that sticks in the viewer’s home is that of a grumpy lion stomping out of the studio in annoyance. Will this departure have an aftermath? Next week we will (maybe) be smarter.