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May the one the world knows Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom as queen, her majesty, lady, lady, her highness, even Lilibet, her best-known name. But Gary? That’s right, at one point, the nickname of Britain’s longest-serving monarch was that. And everything is the responsibility of the prince William of Cambridge. This is the story of the little-known nickname.

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Strict royal protocol mandates that Queen Elizabeth II can only be addressed as “Your Majesty”, “Your Highness” or “Madam”. However, like all her grandchildren, Guillermo and Enrique they call their grandmother in a special wayaccording to Business Insider the princes call her ‘Granny’.

The tender nickname with which Guillermo calls Isabel II

In the case of Guillermo, it is not the only nickname he has for the queen, in an article in the Daily Mail written by columnist Richard Key, it tells the story of a day at Buckingham Palace in the autumn, when the prince was still very young, they heard him call someone by the name of “gary” in front of a guest, so the queen told him “I’m Gary, can’t say Granny yet”.

Since then, “Gary”, fortunately, became “Granny” of his grandchildren: both Guillermo and Enrique shouted “Come on, Grandma!” in unison at the 2012 Olympics, when the queen starred fantastically alongside Daniel Craig as James Bond to open the London Games.

Now that she is a great-grandmother, the queen has earned another affectionate nickname, in 2016 Guillermo gave an interview to the channel ITV in which he spoke of the queen’s relationship with the smallest of the family. “Prince George is only two and a half years old and he calls her ‘Gan Gan’. She always leaves a gift for him in his room when we leave and that shows the love for his family”.

How many children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren does Queen Elizabeth II have?

Queen Elizabeth II He has four children with the late Prince Philip: Prince Charles (73), Princess Anne (71), Prince Andrew (62) and Prince Edward (58). She had his first child, Carlos, when he was 22 years old.

Later, has eight grandchildren: Peter Phillips (44), Zara Tindall (40), Prince William of Cambridge (39), Prince Henry of Sussex (37), Princess Beatrice (33), Princess Eugenie (32), Lady Louise Windsor (18 ) and James, Viscount Severn (14).


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