the little Ukrainian who sang “Liberated, delivered” took refuge in Poland

Amelia, the little 7-year-old Ukrainian, revealed to the world by her interpretation of the song “The Snow Queen”, confided in BFMTV on her uprooting and her sudden notoriety.

She moved the whole world in early March, a few days after the start of the Russian offensive: Amelia, the 7-year-old Ukrainian girl who sang Let It Go in a bunker, managed to flee his country. She now lives in Poland with her mother, where she leads an almost normal existence. This is what she explained to BFMTV:

“I really like going to school, our teacher is very nice. But I miss my friends in Ukraine a lot,” she told us by Skype, sitting on her mother Lilia’s lap.

The little girl is taking lessons in a class made up of Ukrainian students who fled the war launched by the Kremlin on February 24. She lives far from her father, who is still in Ukraine. “Everything is fine for us. We feel safe here in Poland. But we are still worried about our loved ones in Ukraine”, explains Lilia.

From a bunker to an arena of 14,000 people

Amelia rose to surprise notoriety thanks to a video of her performing the song by Snow Queen, in a bomb shelter when she was still in her country. These images had gone around the world, accumulating 17 million views. A few weeks later, on March 20, the girl performed in front of 14,000 people in the Atlas Arena in Lodz, Poland, to perform a capella the Ukrainian national anthem as part of a charity concert.

And the story continues: she will be a guest on Saturday of the Ukrainian version of The Voice Kidscurrently touring Poland, and recording songs in the studio with Ukrainian artists including star Tina Karol.

“I’m living a fairy tale, it was my dream to sing,” she says, before adding: “But my dearest dream is for peace to return to Ukraine.”