the love story of a Honduran family that succeeds with their experiences on TikTok

TEGUCIGALPA, HONDURAS.- With a love story that germinated in the corridors of a school and jumped, already as parents, to social networks, a couple of Hondurans evoke the peculiarity of the family environment and the anecdotes that go beyond the walls of their own home.

Their life together began when they were a couple of young people aged 15 and 19, however, 14 years after they met, they still proclaim their immense love to the four winds.

THE HERALD He talked with one of the pillars of this family and discovered a dreaming woman, wife and mother of two little ones willing to conquer everything that comes her way.

Yes! We talk about Maria Esther Tovarbetter known as ‘little_504‘, a 29-year-old catracha who today triumphs with more than a million followers on TikTok.

Below everything he shared with us.

With a good sense of humor

María Esther is a Honduran graduate with a Bachelor of Science and Letters and a Computer Technician. A couple of years ago she worked for a maquila with her husband, however, the two chose to migrate to Spain in search of a better future.

Meanwhile, their children were waiting, here in Honduras.

A situation beyond their control made them return from the old continent and since the pandemic, when the confinement began, their residence once again became in Tela.

Tell us about your family, what are your origins?

My mom is originally from Tela, where I am living now. We live nearby on the same lot, they are two different houses, but we are there close to my parents. I am an only daughter, but I have four brothers. They are not here in Honduras.

I am married, I have two children. My husband is Jorge Mayorga. My eldest son (8) is called David Mayorga Tovar and my youngest (5), Samuel Mayorga Tovar.

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How do you define yourself?

In my videos, you can see me as if I’m not embarrassed to function and that, but in reality I’m very embarrassing in person. If they give me confidence, then I can manage a little more, but I feel sorry when I go out into the street and they greet me because they recognize me. I still can not get used. In addition, I am someone humble.

How would you describe your sense of humor?

If they give me confidence, I’m a joker and everything. And if they don’t give it to me, I stay still, I like to be funny ha ha.

What is it that you don’t like about your personality?

I am very angry. Now I control myself more. When the first ‘hates’ came out, when the videos were already more viral, people began to criticize. At first, I would get angry and answer badly, but then I said to myself: ‘I have to be prepared because being on the networks is not easy and there will be good and bad comments.’ So now what I do is I ignore them and then I felt better about myself.

What are you currently doing?

Right now we (she and her partner) are dedicating ourselves to social networks, we do ‘lives’ on TikTok that is also generating us. Facebook already has it monetized and it is also generating us. The truth is that we are doing well.

conquering dreams

The repercussions that the covid-19 pandemic brought with it caused María Esther to look for a way out of the boredom of her home; her solution: TikTok. And while it used to be just a hobby at first, it quickly became a family activity and surprisingly even a source of income.

The Honduran stressed that since she was little she had longed to be an actress, so her videos on the net did not represent a challenge at all. However, she stressed, being a very pitiful person.

How do you get on social media?

When I uploaded my first video is when the pandemic came. I was looking at Facebook that people were using TikTok. I downloaded it. And the first videos he made were like imitating other people’s songs or audio, nothing of his own. Until one day, I realized that I was making videos and it wasn’t viral, so I said to my husband: ‘let’s try to make one with our voice.’ We made a video chatting, criticizing other people, the video got a million views. The next day I told him to do another one and it went viral too. That’s when we didn’t stop making (videos) and I told him: ‘help me’, because he didn’t like it, he practically did it to please me. He did not like recording.

How did your partner agree to be part of your videos?

Little by little he got involved until now it’s more like him who gives me the ideas to make a video. But at first he told me: ‘I do it because I love you and I want to please you, because I really don’t like that’. Now he doesn’t care.

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What does the rest of your family think about what they do?

His family began to criticize him and mine too, they criticized us. At first I was discouraged but I told myself that I was going to continue because it is what I like. I did it for entertainment and seeing that it went viral, my husband liked it better. He got angry when he did something and it didn’t go viral, he told me: ‘I’m going to be wasting my time for something that no one sees’, but later he did get encouraged.

What is the awareness that your children have about what they both do?

They themselves ask us to record, especially the little one. The big (boy) does not because he is very boring and painful. They don’t think anything bad about it.

How much are you willing to expose your family?

Well, I asked my mom if she wanted to support me, first she just raised her voice. There is a video in which she did appear, but she asked me to. I really didn’t want to expose her to get out of it because I’m not going to like it when they say something (bad) to her, better if they say it to me. And with my children I try not to make many videos with them, so there won’t be many critics either. Until today there have been no sun, neither from the children nor from my mother.

If they asked you not to be in the videos, would you do it?

If they ask me not to go out, I don’t take them out.

Why chatty?

My husband called me flat. I told him: ‘why do you call me flat’. He would reply that because my face was flattened, my face is round. Then he already called me little girl. So, when I downloaded this application I put María Esther, but then I put little one, to always remind me how my husband used to say.

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Why did you choose to do humor and comedy?

Because we were quite interested in doing things about what happens in real life, in homes. The people who support us the most are those who are in the United States, Central Americans who are there. They like to see those things that are based on real life, that encouraged us to continue with the same thing and not change.

A lifestyle

Upon returning from Spain two years after his departure, the rise of social networks represented a new way of subsisting for this family.

How much has your life changed since you entered social networks?

It changed a lot from the moment we started monetizing because I never imagined that money was earned on social networks. I was naive about it, until some people told me it was possible. I only made videos for entertainment.

How much income does making videos generate for a Honduran tiktoker?

What generates the most for me at the moment is TikTok. The income is very good, the truth is.

In the ‘lives’ they give us gifts and one changes those into dollars. We are in ‘lives’ every night and people are used to it. If we don’t do them at the same time, they are already asking us what happens. We always start at 6:00 in the afternoon until 11:00 or 12:00 at night.

Is there any limit or rule for your videos? Something that you say, ‘I don’t do this’.

The limit is strong humor, like profanity or vulgar, something like that. The reasons? One is that I am not like that and the other is that this is blocked on social networks.

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Is there someone who inspires you to record tiktoks?

I am quite inspired by the videos of ‘La Bicha’ (Fredy Rodríguez). I really admire her a lot.

How do you channel having so many followers?

It feels nice, especially when you’re greeted, even though I feel sorry for it. I do like being recognized on the street, he feels good.

And to your husband, who helps you in your videos, what words would you dedicate to him?

It’s the best thing that happened to me. I wouldn’t trade it for someone else. He has been an exemplary husband, a good father. He would tell him that I love him so much and that he is beyond compare.

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