The Macororó group raises its twelfth dream

November 7, 2021, 3:59 PM

November 7, 2021, 3:59 PM


With a cocktail, with executives, collaborating workers and other guests, the Macororó business group celebrated the inauguration of its new work, a few steps from San Martín avenue.

The new dream raised by the Bolivian company is called Macororó 12 and consists of 19 floors. It is a mixed-use multi-family building that was built under the premise of “Continuous Improvement”.

Giovanni Mancilla, CEO of the construction company, was in charge of the toast and thanked the co-owners and to all those who trusted them despite the pandemic and made all the effort worth it.

Concluding this project, the firm has the Macororó under construction 13/14 and in the project on 15 and 16.

Main photo: hosts. Rodrigo Aramayo, Daniela Mancilla, Lidia Suárez de Mancilla, Giovanni Mancilla, Massiel
Mancilla, Daly Mancilla and Alejandro Rodriguez.

Touring the place. Elena Schad, Daniel Pasanec and Sabine

Models. Érika Roca and Romy Paz were the hostesses of the event

Friends. Beatriz Boker, Jorge Domínguez, Fernando Barba, Susy Roca, David Chalup and Claudia Roca

guests. Juan Carlos López, Mina Chávez, Carola Garvizu and
Rodrigo Antelo

At the cocktail. Isabel Chalup, Flavia Familia, Tery Toro and Rodolfo

elegant. Peter Paravicini and Lorena de Paravicini