“the magic of attraction” with BHL… what she sacrifices for her couple

The adage is well known: in love, you have to make concessions. And it is not Arielle Dombasle who will say the opposite! Invited to a “Télé-Loisirs” program, the artist opened up about her relationship with Bernard-Henri Lévy.

To close the season of his show At Jordan’spublished on the website of Tele-Leisurehost Jordan De Luxe received the mythical Arielle Dombasle. And the singer and actress indulged in a few secrets, rare enough to be underlined, about the couple she has formed for almost thirty years with Bernard-Henri Lévy. The one who prepares the release of a new album whose very first extract Barbiconic appeared on July 6, did not hesitate to put words to the various sacrifices she had to make to protect her relationship.

Arielle Dombasle: what she sacrifices for BHL

The 69-year-old artist explained in particular that he had to draw a line under certain professional projects to stay with her philosopher husband: “There are a lot of things I don’t do to stay with him. There are films where I say no. Going to Alaska for six months (…) Already we are inevitably separated. I’m still in fiction and himself travels so much”.

It is well known, in love you have to know how to make concessions… It would therefore seem that the couple, who married in 1993, no longer want to stay separated for too long. A situation that the two personalities have already experienced, to believe the words of Arielle Dombasle on No Stop in November 2020: We remained in illegitimacy and mystery for seven years. It was very difficult to stay secret lovers. No more question of starting over!

Arielle Dombasle, admiring her husband

And if compromise seems to be one of the keys to this couple that lasts, Arielle Dombasle and Bernard-Henri Lévy also maintain the flame thanks to the admiration they have for each other. In the same interview with Jordan De Luxe, the singer recalled that she was very proud of BHL.

“You know that Bernard-Henri for forty years, he has been traveling the earth, he is trying to bring peace and to shed light on the forgotten wars. Ukraine, it is not, but people are going fast zap because people get tired. Bernard-Henri is there to testify”she said, referring to her husband’s latest project, the documentary Why Ukraine? aired last June on art. A surge of love that she then confirmed: “This is the magic of attraction. Hope it lasts !

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