“The man went crazy,” they tell Bad Bunny for taking a fan’s cell phone again

Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, better known in the world of entertainment as Bad Bunny, is one of the most popular celebrities of the moment. Recently, the Puerto Rican announced that he will take a break from music after concluding his World’s Hottest Tour; However, in recent days it has given a lot to talk about due to a particular fact.

The video recorded the moment when “Bad Rabbit” took the cell phone from a fan who unexpectedly approached to record herself with him and proceeded to throw it away from where they were. The woman’s actions made the reggaeton player uncomfortable, so her reaction was categorical.

Although it is true that there are celebrities who do not enjoy being in the spotlight of the cameras when the context does not lend itself to it, be it with fans or paparazzi, The criticism on social networks against Bad Bunny has not stopped. However, another part of the Internet community has defended it.

Faced with divided opinions, and responding mainly to critics, Bad Bunny argued why he reacted that way. Through his Twitter account, the interpreter of I behave pretty He said: “The person who comes up to me to say hello, to tell me something, or just to meet me, will always receive my attention and respect. Those who come to put a phone bastard in my face I will consider it for what it is, a lack of respect and I will treat it likewise”.

This was the moment when Bad Bunny took the fan’s cell phone and proceeded to throw it away:

A new video appeared

While the controversy over the first video has not ended, a second audiovisual material is already circulating on social networks. In the images, Bad Bunny is seen inside a nightclub where, surrounded by a euphoric crowd, he makes his way until he meets his nemesis these days: a fan’s cell phone.

Right at that moment, the Puerto Rican singer he took the cell phone from a fan and threatened to throw it away, however, he later returned it to him. According to the video, the events would have occurred in a bar in the Dominican Republic, although it does not detail the exact date on which they occurred.

Faced with this video, the comments of Internet users have not been long in coming. The Instagram account Rechismes reposted the material and several users reacted with all kinds of comments.

“The man went crazy, he couldn’t handle his profession”; “A song is coming”; “Keep giving money to your idol”; “This guy better not go out on the street!”; “Keep idolizing”; “Better not leave your house”; “He already has money to live two more lives, and what else can he care about!”; “Fame rose”; “He’s going to release a song called Lanza celulares”; “From being a humble worker he became a conceited person with fame in his head, and he is showing where he comes from. Keep idolizing,” say some of the featured responses.

Ñejo came out in defense of the woman whose cell phone was thrown away by Bad Bunny

Regarding this controversy, the also reggaeton player Ñejo spoke through a live broadcast on his social networks. First of all, he emphasized that the affected woman will like the video at the end, because he will say: “It was to me that they threw the phone to hell.”

Although he did not justify or expand his perception of Bad Bunny’s reaction, Ñejo commented that his colleague “is going to feel bad” and will proceed to “repair” the damage caused to the fan.

(…) He is going to send her a VIP pass for the next concert. Bad Bunny is going to enter a video saying: ‘My bad, you caught me wrong’”, anticipated. Additionally, she detailed the ways in which the fanatic could take advantage of the situation.

“She has to take advantage and tell him: ‘I want an iPhone 18, Bad Bunny sneakers in three colors, all Bad Bunny clothes, to the next concert that takes me to VIP with 15 friends’ … everything that appears and that I made a video greeting her,” concluded Ñejo.