The marriage of Hillary Vanderosieren and Giovanni threatened? The fiancé hit by a car and hospitalized

Hillary Vanderosieren and Giovanni Bonamy had their heads full of projects. And the biggest for the candidates of Moms & Famous, it was their union. The beautiful model had indeed asked for her beautiful in marriage in November 2019. And it is in a few days that they must say “yes” in front of their loved ones. But the ceremony could well be upset because of a drama that the dad of Milo (born in July 2020) and Matteo (November 2021) experienced.

Tuesday June 14, 2022, Giovanni Bonamy filmed himself live from the hospital, lying on a bed in a blouse and with electrodes placed at the level of the torso. “Don’t worry, everything is fine. I got hit by a car, which blew me away. Wanting to protect my little dog, I ran into the car. My little dog is doing well. And me I have an open fracture. a double fracture, a triple sprain plus a 5cm open gash. At the level of my left foot, tibia and ankles. I’m going to have surgery tomorrow. I hope to arrive in time for my wedding“, he first confided. He then explained that it was difficult because he was in a lot of pain. He also did not know if he would be released or recovered to get married.

I found it on the ground

The same day, Hillary Vanderosieren also spoke on her account. Moved, she confided that she and Giovanni Bonamy were living a “super complicated time“. For those who have missed the information, the former candidate of the Ch’tis explained that her fiancé got hit by a car right outside their house trying to protect Pearl. “I found it on the ground, in front of the house last night. So, we quickly went to the hospital by ambulance. He was supposed to have surgery today but it couldn’t be done because he was missing important tools for the operation. So he’s having surgery tomorrow at 11 a.m. His foot was not spared. He had an opening of several centimeters on the foot. So he got sewn up“, she continued, then detailing in turn Giovanni’s injuries.

The beautiful blonde tried to put things into perspective by telling herself that it could have been much worse. “Life puts us to the test again [ils ont dû faire face aux soucis de santé de leur deuxième enfant peu après sa naissance, NDLR]. A complicated period, knowing that we have to get married in a few short days. I don’t know how it will turn out. But it doesn’t matter, it’s health first“, she concluded.

This Wednesday, June 15, Giovanni spoke again to recall that he was going to have surgery under general anesthesia. “I hope I will have a little less pain and that I will be able to get out of the hospital quickly, because I have a wedding waiting for me in a few days. It’s getting scary“, he clarified.