The Masked Singer: glitch in the finale! HE made it worse

“The Masked Singer”: TV glitch in the final! Now THAT is coming to light

04/26/2022 at 10:49 am

This is the TV hit “The Masked Singer”

This is the TV hit “The Masked Singer”

The start of the new TV show “The Masked Singer” already gave ProSieben excellent ratings. We explain what the show is about.

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The reveal of Ella finally in the “The Masked Singer‘ finale goes down in the history of the ProSieben show. When the singer wants to take off the mask, everything suddenly goes wrong.

The day after the live show, Ella finally talks about the mistake herself and reveals why “The Masked Singer“-Moderator Matthias Opdenhövel only made the whole situation worse.

That’s never been done on “The Masked Singer”! Mask slips before reveal

Since Saturday (April 23) we not only know who won “The Masked Singer” 2022, but also finally which celebrity was under the mask of “The Zebra”.

None other than Ella Endlich prevailed in the final against the “thorn devil” aka Mark Keller. Out of sheer joy, the 37-year-old suffered a mishap before her unmasking, which had never happened before in the disguise show.

When Ella loses her balance, her giant zebra head slips, revealing who’s hiding in the costume before the big moment. The TV crew reacts quickly and pans the camera to the side at the right moment.


These are the “The Masked Singer” winners:

  • Season 1 (Summer 2019): Max Mutzke wins as “Astronaut”
  • Season 2 (Spring 2020): Tom Beck wins as “Sloth”
  • Season 3 (fall 2020): Sarah Engels wins as “Skeleton”
  • Season 4 (Spring 2021): Sasha wins as “Dinosaur”
  • Season 5 (autumn 2021): Alexander Klaws wins as “Mülli Müller”
  • Season 6 (Spring 2022): Ella Endlich wins as “Zebra”


“The Masked Singer” moderator is to blame – “I haven’t seen anything anymore”

“It was because I was so excited! I tipped to the side and forgot that the buckle was no longer on the inside – of course it was no longer on because I was to be revealed shortly afterwards,” remembers Ella Endlich in the “Promiflash” interview.

Moderator Matthias Opdenhövel also intervenes before it’s too late. He promptly pulls the zebra mask back over the blonde’s head.

But that only made it harder for the winner to find her bearings. “The cool thing was that he put it on me the wrong way, of course, so that the whole fabric was pulled over my face from the inside. I didn’t see anything anymore – legendary,” she explains with a laugh.


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