“The Masked Singer” juror Ruth Moschner calls on fans to also report crimes online

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Of: Sarah Wolzen

“The Masked Singer” juror Ruth Moschner calls on fans to also report crimes online
Ruth Moschner has an important concern for her fans © ProSieben | Willi Weber & Instagram: ruthmoschner

Before “The Masked Singer” goes into the next round on Saturday evening, juror Ruth Moschner reports to her fans with a serious concern. The 45-year-old believes that online crimes should no longer go unpunished. But those affected would have to ensure more visibility.

Berlin – On Saturday evening (March 19) it’s finally that time again: “The Masked Singer” starts a new round. But before the happy guessing fun begins, jury member Ruth Moschner (45) makes an urgent appeal to her community.

Ruth Moschner is used to hate messages online

For Ruth Moschner, hate messages online are part of everyday life. As a woman in public life, she is often exposed to sexism. But the moderator fights back and asks her fans to do the same.

In an emotional statement, she explains on Instagram that criminal prosecution on the Internet is “more than bad” and that it “feels like zero”, but that’s exactly why you have to ensure visibility. “Just reporting and blocking Instagram doesn’t change the problem,” the 45-year-old is convinced and demands: “Please report crimes such as sexual harassment, bullying, threats of violence, stalking and, of course, pedophilia in the digital space.”

Ruth Moschner calls on her fans to report crimes

After all, this is the only way for the judiciary to get a true picture of what is really going on on the Internet. “Don’t be ashamed, but share. Either anonymously at the above-mentioned places or with a person you trust. Because it wasn’t you who did anything wrong, but those who send things like this!”, she ends her appeal urgently.

Meanwhile, “The Masked Singer” has to do without moderator Matthias Opdenhövel. But with Thore Schölermann, a replacement has already been provided.

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