“The Masked Singer”: TV presenter Jeannine Michaelsen exposed

Ruth Moschner is with "The Masked Singer" completely in their element.

Ruth Moschner is in her element with “The Masked Singer”.ProSieben/Willi Weber

A new edition of “The Masked Singer” started this Saturday. It is now the sixth season of the ProSieben rate show, which premiered in summer 2019. And in the current edition, too, the Munich private broadcaster relies on a proven team: Ruth Moschner and Rea Garvey are once again on the guessing team, supported by various guessing guests. In the opening show of the new season, comedian Ralf Schmitz begins.

As before, Matthias Opdenhövel will act as moderator. However, the 51-year-old misses the first show because it is canceled due to the corona. Thore Schölermann, who also has “The Masked Singer” experience, steps in for him: In the fourth season he himself was on stage as a monstronaut and took fifth place. Now only two questions remain: Which celebrities are hidden under the ten costumes and which candidate will succeed last year’s winner Alexander Klaws?

“The Masked Singer”: The guesswork begins

The spectators expected a few surprises on Saturday evening, as only six of the ten costumes were already presented in advance: the zebra, the koala, the seagull, the gorilla, the starfish and the thorny devil.

With the first performance, another mask was unveiled: the orc. He competes in the first group of five against the starfish, the zebra, the koala and another previously unknown costume. The orc immediately provided another surprise, namely the celebrity in the costume sang the hit “Zitti e buoni” by Måneskin in Italian.

The ork surprised the audience with an Italian song.

The ork surprised the audience with an Italian song.proSieben/willi weber

With the appearance of the orc, the guesswork finally started again and Ruth Moschner was immediately in her element and began to combine: “It’s definitely a woman, someone who’s very established, we’ve heard the ‘Jurassic Park’ music. It’s a dinosaur.” Based on this assumption, Ralf Schmitz guessed the Italian singer Gianna Nannini.

That would be too obvious, Rea replied and gave an unexpected tip:

“I think that could be Sophia Thomalla, that would also go with the costume.”

Thore had to ask more carefully: “What do you mean?” “Sophia Thomalla is a great woman, but she can also be a monster”, Rea replied with a laugh. Ruth, in turn, suspected Jana Ina Zarrella of wearing the orc costume, since she would have to speak Italian due to her marriage to Giovanni Zarrella.

Rea Garvey: He’s not at all excited about this costume

The second candidate was the zebra. And after his performance, Rea was “in love”: “It’s my favorite costume of all time,” he enthused. While the Reamonn singer was absolutely smitten with the zebra, another costume didn’t blow his mind at all: the starfish. To Ruth’s and Ralf’s storm of enthusiasm he replied:

“Are you serious? Do you really like the costume? It’s so ugly, the voice is great, but the costume…”

For Rea, the starfish is the ugliest costume ever.

For Rea, the starfish is the ugliest costume ever.proSieben/willi weber

And who did the guessing team guess under the two costumes? With the zebra, the trio agreed that it could only be a professional singer or an actress. Among other things, the names Carolin Kebekus, Gitte Haenning and Marianna Rosenberg were mentioned in this context. At the starfish, Rea tapped on “DSDS” star Juliette Schoppmann, because he was sure: “It wasn’t the first big appearance of the starfish.” The tips from Ruth and Ralf, who bet on Bahar von Monrose and Beatrice Egli at Seestern, went in a similar direction. They agreed that Liza Minelli’s interpretation of “Maybe This Time” was outstanding.

Brilli: This costume was designed by a child

Many fans are surely looking forward to the next performance with curiosity. Last season, Matthias Opdenhövel called on children to submit designs for a mask. Now the costume has finally been unveiled: it was Brilli, dreamed up by ten-year-old Emma. Brought to life on stage, all that remains is to clarify who Brilli is.

In this context, Ruth dared to make a very adventurous prognosis:

“I don’t believe anything anymore. It’s said that Matthias Opdenhövel has Corona. But maybe he’s also under a costume. And we know that Matthias Opdenhövel has a bell-like voice.”

As a serious tip, she pushed Lena Gercke behind.

Brilli was designed by ten-year-old Emma.

Brilli was designed by ten-year-old Emma.proSieben/ willi weber

Big announcement disappoints fans

Before Koala, the last of the first group of five, appeared, Thore Schölermann made another surprising announcement:

“‘The Masked Singer’ goes on a tour of Germany, the most popular masks come together. We will puzzle a lot, have fun and definitely take a few selfies.”

However, the fans were anything but enthusiastic about this surprise: “The world has been waiting for this. Not”, wrote, among other things, a user on Twitter. And another remarked: “Just copied the ‘Let’s Dance’ tour, wow.” And others wondered how it was supposed to work or were disappointed: “The format is just being cannibalized.”

Before the first decision was made, it was finally the turn of the koala, who sang an acoustic version of a-ha’s “Take On Me”. “It was slightly classical, it could be an international star, maybe Paul Potts. It was very emotional.”, judged Rea Garvey visibly moved. Ruth, on the other hand, believed the koala-costumed celebrity could be an ex-jungle camper and put the name Bata Illic, “or Kool Savas.” However, Rea could not take this tip seriously:

“If it’s Kool Savas, he’s been hiding his good voice very well.”

The viewers will not find out tonight who the koala is, because he is certainly further along next to the starfish and the zebra, while the orc and Brilli have to tremble.

Who is hiding under the koala costume?

Who is hiding under the koala costume?proSieben/ willi weber

“The Maskes Singer”: Is this “Let’s Dance” star there?

On to the second group of five, which also started with a revelation: Among the ten costumes is Galax’SIS. And Galaxy really messed up the guessing team. “The marathon number in the clip confused me. Is it an athlete? Can an athlete sing so well”, Ruth mused. Ralf, on the other hand, said: “I’m on a completely different path, I’m thinking of Linda Zervakis. Somehow it’s an inner inspiration. I think she knocked our socks off.”

Rea also wanted to give his tip, but once again he couldn’t think of the name. He just babbled confusing stuff. Ruth then asked him, “What’s in the glass?” “Not much anymore,” Rea replied and couldn’t help but laugh. Finally he came up with the name: Judith Williams.

This time Ralf Schmitz came up with an adventurous assumption about the black-headed gull, which he himself did not believe:

“If he wasn’t already traveling somewhere else, I would have guessed Bastian Bielendorfer.”

But as he himself indicated, Bielendorfer is currently a participant in “Let’s Dance”. It is more than unlikely that he can be seen in both formats at the same time.

There is also a gorilla this time "The Masked Singer" included.

A gorilla is also part of “The Masked Singer” this time.proSieben/ willi weber

Political statement during the show

Are there any Marc Terenzi or Til Schweiger in this year’s “The Masked Singer” cast? Ruth Moschner gave both celebrity names to the Dornteufel, who sang “Young And Beautiful” by Lana Del Rey. Rea, on the other hand, was with actor Mark Keller, who was very musical. With the Thorn Devil, Thore once again drew the attention of the audience to his costume and drew attention to a special detail:

“Here’s a peace sign and you can’t show this sign often enough these days. Tomorrow we’ll broadcast ‘Sound of Music – The Great Peace Event in front of the Brandenburg Gate’ and take a stand against this shitty war.”

The Thorn Devil made a political statement.

The Thorn Devil made a political statement.proSieben/ willi weber

Most fans bet on this celebrity

The gorilla appeared next to last. “It’s a cool sock whoever that is. It’s someone young or young at heart”, Rea was sure. However, the musician could not do anything with the suspicions of Ruth and Ralf. On Ruth’s assumption that the gorilla could be Harald Schmidt, he teased: “They say there are no bad ideas in brainstorming, but…” And he commented on Ralf’s tip Faisal Kawusi with the saying: “If it were Faisal Kawusi, then the table wouldn’t be whole.”

Is the disco ball Helene Fischer or Jeanette Biedermann?

Is the disco ball Helene Fischer or Jeanette Biedermann?proSieben/ willi weber

Finally, the disco ball appeared, which, oddly enough, was the only costume that didn’t get a clip with clues. But even without any clues, the viewers were more certain about this costume than about any other. The vast majority guessed Jeanette Biedermann!

Rea and Ralf also guessed the singer. Another celebrity brought up Ruth:

“Who can sing and always hang down? Helene Fischer!”

“Did I let Helene Fischer hang up on the hedge even though she had to go to the toilet?” Moderator Thore then asked amused.

In addition to Ork and Brilli, the Seagull and Galax’SIS also had to tremble after the second round. In the end, Brilli of all people had to leave the show, and very few viewers called for Emma’s invented costume. And under the costume was: Jeannine Michaelsen. Of course, she dedicated her first words after her departure to her “creator”: “Dear Emma, ​​thank you for inventing Brilli and thank you for letting me be Brilli.”