The Masterchef participant who suffered abuse in her childhood

On April 19, Pamela Ospina, one of the comedians who came this year to MasterChef Celebrity Colombia Hoping to become “the number one celebrity in national cuisine,” she said goodbye to the show.

The woman from Antioquia could not handle the tension generated by cooking a tongue as the main protein of her dish, so she was chosen by the jury to leave the reality show. ensuring that his mistakes were much more critical than those of his peers.

However, thanks to her time on the famous cooking show, the comedian managed to achieve a little more fame on a national scale, grabbing, of course, the attention of TV shows. RCN after his departure.

One of these productions was ‘Good morning Colombia’to which Pamela attended as a guest, being a custom that the characters that come out of MasterChef attend this program the day after your elimination.

In the conversation he had with the presenters of the morning, not only questions about his profession came up, but also about her private life and the importance of the cooking competition in her personality.

It should be remembered that just before her farewell, Claudia Bahamón dedicated a few words of support and motivation to Ospina, assuring that her time on the program was precisely to try to heal wounds from her past, which did not go unnoticed in some episodes.

As she explained in the morning program, the two (Ospina and Bahamón) talked a lot about the painful experiences that the comedian lived as a child, a stage in which she was abused; however, at no time during the interview did she mention the kind of abuse she was a victim of, nor the person who raped her.

I, very small, suffered some abuse and that fact, well, it has made me the person I am, for better or for worse. It has made me a strong person, it has made me a forceful person”said Pamela.

However, this episode not only created a strong and powerful character in her, but, as she said, it also left consequences that, although she does not want to, end up generating vulnerabilities in her life.

“It has also made me vulnerable to certain types of deals that at the time we find those deals, they remove many things from me. Because it’s the fear that when people dislike you, which in this case are celebrities, you feel that at first it is better not to say anything, better to swallow that, better to move on and how to ignore what is happening, even though it hurts”, he explained, recalling the clashes he had with Tostao and Aco Pérez, two of the participants most criticized by viewers in this edition of Master Chef Celebrity.

In fact, one of the most tense moments between these characters occurred precisely on the day that Pamela left the contest. While the other companions went down to give the comedian a hug and show their sadness at her departure, both ‘Tostao’ and ‘Aco’ decided to stay on the balcony, assuring that they simply did not want to go down to say goodbye to her.

God bless the comedian. It is no secret to anyone that Pamela had it red for me and I never knew why”, explained the ChocQuibTown singer, while being interviewed behind the scenes.

For his part, the actor assured that he had managed to make a “checkmate”, after the judges notified Ospina’s departure.

“A person who had a very dense energy is leaving,” said ‘Aco’ during the interviews.

In social networks, many people did not hesitate to criticize this attitude, assuring that, contrary to what the famous said, “Pamela is a thousand times more humane and a good person than ‘Tostao’ and ‘Aco’. It is known that they are there to cook, but if it weren’t for luck, ‘Tostao’ wouldn’t be on the balcony and Aco would have come out a thousand years ago”.