The meeting of Itatí Cantoral and Fabiola Guajardo

One of the most important soap opera villains in the history of soap operas is ‘Soraya Montenegro’, who Itatí Cantoral she performed masterfully in the mid-90s in ‘María la del barrio’. But in the new version of ‘The rich also cry’, the same character returned, and the one who took on the difficult challenge was Fabiola Guajardo.

In the 1979 version, Rocío Banquells played the same character, but under the name ‘Esther’. However, for the 2022 version, the same name of ‘Soraya’, the iconic enemy of “the damned cripple”, was used again.

But beyond the jealousy between colleagues, Itatí Cantoral showed that there is camaraderie with Fabiola Guajardo. Both appeared on social networks in a series of photographs from the dressing rooms of a theater.

“The Sorayas”commented the fans of both, who had fun, or at least that was evident in the images.

“Soraya 1995 – Soraya 2022 That’s not the same, but it’s the same #MalditaLisiada Life brings us together again without getting together… I adore you Cantoral!!! PS. Do yourself a favor and go to the theater to see #SolaEnLaOscuridad It’s always a delight to see you on stage! @itatic_oficial”, wrote Fabiola Guajardo.