The memes that the Quito mural has left, in which Pikachu is included | People | Entertainment

The inauguration of the mural by the Spanish artist Okuda San Miguel, in which tribute is paid to women embroiderers and Pikachu is included, it took place on Monday, May 16 with the presence of the artist and several guests.

The work, which is located on the facade of the old cinema on May 24 Boulevard, in the capital’s historic center, It has generated several criticisms on social networkseven the name of one of the Pokémon figures ranks first in trends, on Twitter, in Ecuador.

The United States, Canada and China are some of the countries where the works of Okuda San Miguel, the artist who included Pikachu in a mural in Quito, can be found.

They have also spoken on the subject through memes. The mural is part of the project CaminArt, that the Municipality of Quito does in the framework of celebrations for the Bicentennial of the Battle of Pichincha.

These are some of the memes that the inclusion of Pikachu the mural has left, which even the artist himself has shared in stories from your Instagram account.

San Miguel shared this image in which it has as text: “the Battle of Pichincha, according to the Municipality of Quito”.

Another one posted by the artist, who has made murals in several countries around the world, has the description: “Exact moment when Pikachu falls down in the Battle of Pichincha.”

Pichincha’s battle with Marshal Pikachu, according to Guarderas and the Municipality,” they wrote in the @chullaquitenoec account.

“Pikachu after a canelazo #Bicentenario #Quito”, commented @ElSamu_BSC.

“Well, if onions are the typical Quito dish, why not Pikachu, Antonio José de Sucre’s secret weapon in the Battle of Pichincha?” @MarcoRengel_Ec said.

Fernando Cornejo L. said: “The myth of Abdón Calderón the “child hero” falls, the myth of #Pikachu the liberator is born”.

“I take off today. #Pikachu”, @FranciscoGab7 commented.

In the account @almendr_ita they commented: “Pikachu’s reaction after seeing his face on a mural in Ecuador.”

“Our General Pikachu!” noted @MaFer_HLVS.

“Disrespect to our heroes. I like Pikachu, but I think everything has its space and its place. There are topics that are SACRED”, said @mareztodo.

“…It’s not hard to go to Google and search for Okuda. See where this artist who is a crack has painted. The fact that the pretext for bringing him was the bicentennial does not mean that he should paint Abdón Calderón. Think a little”, indicated @YoSoyJoseMartin. (I)