the men (stars) in her life, her child actors, her painful breakup, the Weinstein affair…

Judith Godrèche celebrates her 50th birthday. The actress, nominated three times for the Césars, has settled down in Los Angeles. New life in America, the well-filled acting CVs of her children, the Weinstein affair, her breakup… Find out everything you didn’t know about the life of the essential actress.

Since his beginnings in the cinema in the 80s, Judith Godrèche has continued to chain successes. The Spanish Inn, Everything to please, Ridiculous, the actress combines the roles and seduces the public. In 2010, the actress went behind the camera for the movie All the Girls Cry. After the mixed success of the feature film, she decides to leave France to settle in the United States.

Judith Godrèche: her childhood injury

Judith Godrèche was born on March 23, 1972 in Paris, raised by a mother psychomotor therapist, originally from the North of France, and a psychoanalyst father of Polish Jewish origins. His real surname, Goldreich, was Frenchified after the Second World War. Her parents separated when she was only 8 years old, a real trauma for the girl, who stays with his father, then ends up interrupting his studies at the age of 15. “I have long found excuses not to grow. I was 15 when I left to live with a director much older than me. I was a little rebellious, I didn’t have my tongue in my pocketshe confided in ELLE.

Judith Godrèche: her new life in Los Angeles

For nearly 10 years, the actress has settled in Los Angeles. A new life that imposed itself on her, without her having anticipated it. “Nothing is planned. I had come to settle here for three months to shoot The Overnight”, she confided to Dhnet in 2015. It was then that the actress had an idea for a script “but eventually HBO bought it, it was an impossible proposition to refuse, and things were defined from there. I couldn’t leave“, she had explained to the Belgian media.

far from France, the star did not hide her pleasure of living in anonymity. “It’s very refreshing. Here people don’t know me at all and suddenly I feel very free. When you were known very young, at least in France, it’s as if you belonged a little to the people, in any case they have the impression of knowing everything about you”she reported.

Judith Godrèche: who are her children Noé and Tess?

In her new life across the Atlantic, Judith Godrèche lives with her two children. His son Noahborn in September 1999 from his marriage with Dany Boon, and Tesswhich was born in April 2005, fruit of its union with Maurice Barthelemy.

Now aged 22-year-old Noé has already tried his hand at acting alongside his fatherin Micmac at tire-larigot in 2009 then in his mother’s film All the girls are crying in 2010. Two attempts that did not convince the young man. He is now destined for a completely different career. “Noé, who had played with me in Micmacs à tire-larigot, doesn’t want to be an actor, that’s good. He was two years early and has just taken a year off. He plays guitar and has formed a small band. But, above all, it has just been accepted to Reed University in Portlandwhere Steve Jobs had been.“, confided Dany Boon to Paris Matchin 2016.

After her divorce from Dany Boon, Judith Godrèche finds love alongside Maurice Barthélémy. If the couple finally separated, their daughter Tess lives with her mother in Los Angeles. The opportunity for the young woman to also lend herself to the experience ofactress. The daughter of Judith Godrèche notably appeared with her mother in The Overnight in 2015 and Under the Eiffel Tower in 2018, but also in the comedy of his father Not very normal activities in 2013.

Judith Godrèche: a painful separation with Maurice Barthélémy “wrung out

As a couple for 8 years, Judith Godrèche and Maurice Barthélémy finally separated in 2012. A break that particularly affected the actor who is got out “wrung out” and to “the state of shamblesas he says in his book Strong as a hypersensitivereleased in January 2021.”There was our daughter Tess in play. After this breakup I went to a shrink, who fell asleep during our sessions! A real test for an actor!“, reported the one who had already maintained a relationship for nine years with Marina Foisin the columns of the magazine Public.

Judith Godrèche: the day she broke the silence against Harvey Weinstein

In recent years, Judith Godrèche has become rarer on the screen. However, she appeared in the cinema in 2019 in Under the Eiffel Tower and The Climb. In 2020, she also made an appearance in an episode of the series Medical Police on Netflix. But it was in 2017 that the actress caught the eye, giving a interview at New York Times in which she accused producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault, alongside other victims.

My contribution is modest, but there is no doubt that if it helped to move things forward a bit and paved the way for other voicesso, as Alain Souchon would say, that’s already it (…) At my daughter’s school, for example, the students express themselves on certain things that make them uncomfortable and that they don’t would not have dared to mention before“, she confided to the JDD.