The milestones that Chanel has achieved in Eurovision 2022

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    Chanel Terrero has achieved third place in the 66th edition of Eurovision, held at the Pala Alpitour pavilion, in Turin (Italy). The gala, as discussed in the 3.0 environment, is for the Spanish audience one of the most intense in memory. Until the end we didn’t know if Chanel would come out on top, and that kept us on our toes until the very last minute, when Ukraine came out on top.

    Even so, with that third place, Chanel and her spectacular dancers have achieved several milestones that, it must be said, the ‘eurofans’ will remember forever. Have you fallen for them?

    Chanel Terrero

    Chanel giving it her all with her dancers, in one of the best performances in the Eurovision history of Spain.

    1. Spain had not managed to reach a TOP 10 since 2014. The last artist to achieve it was Ruth Lorenzo with ‘Dancing in the Rain’ who, although tied with Denmark in points in ninth place, remained in 10th with a ‘performance’ that we all remember with great affection.
    2. And that is not there. Our country did not reach the TOP 3 since 1995. Anabel Conde was the one who reached a close second place with the song ‘Vuelve Conmigo’, and she was on the verge of victory.
    3. And the biggest milestone (and the most ‘millennial’ due to the context) is the one it has achieved on YouTube: She was the first of all the contestants to have reached a million views with her video of the grand finale., something that reflects that she is… the true winner of Eurovision! (At least, for all the fans who are on the Internet and who have organically wanted to see her performance again). And it is that, let’s see, LET’S SEE, it is not for less!!
      1. We leave you with this ‘CHANELAZO’ again to liven up your day, at least. Thank you very much, Chanel, and congratulations. There is only one.

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