The millionaire debt that Piqué would have left Shakira and what he would be able to pay only with what he has earned after the tusa

Shakira no longer cries, she bills. From April 26, 2022 with the premiere of I congratulate you Until the premiere of the famous Session 53 with Bizarrap, Shakira has earned at least 34 million euros on account of the money from her earnings on platforms such as YouTube, Spotify and other businesses. This sum would be more than enough to pay the debt that she has with the Spanish Treasury, pay the fine and even the interest.

Debt with the Treasury, what is it?

In 2022 the Spanish Treasury sued Shakira for alleged tax fraud against the country. According to the entity during the years 2012, 2013 and 2014, the Colombian singer did not pay her taxes in the country, which add up to a total of 14.5 million euros. Due to this, the singer is being sentenced to at least eight years in prison and to pay another 23.5 million euros as a fine.

  The Spaniards do not forget that when Shakira began her romance with Piqué, she was still officially a partner of Antonio de la Rúa, with whom she ended in 2011.
Due to this, the singer is being sentenced to at least eight years in prison and to pay another 23.5 million euros as a fine. – Photo: afp

However, Shakira claims her innocence on the grounds that she did not officially or fiscally reside in the country until 2015, and that from then until now she has left the nation almost 90 million in taxes. In addition, the singer was barely notified of the alleged debt, she returned 17.5 million euros (14.5 plus three interest).

But the farm insists. They say that during those years the woman from Barranquilla did reside in the country, since she spent more than 183 days each year in it, which according to Spanish law means that she must pay taxes there. To verify this, the entity reviewed bank statements, social networks, made requests in medical centers, went to the hairdressers and beauty centers where the singer went and more.

A mural of Shakira and Piqué, in Barcelona
A mural of Shakira and Piqué, in Barcelona – Photo: AFP

Shakira insists that she did not reside in that country and that she paid taxes in the Bahamas during those years. In addition to accusing the Treasury of invading her privacy, resorting to unethical methods and instrumentalizing her figure. The singer demands that she return the case to the media to be able to take advantage of her image and make her pay even though she is innocent.

Piqué and Clara Chía have already paid the debt

However, thanks to the profits that Shakira has achieved after discovering the infidelity of her ex-husband, former soccer player Gerard Piqué, with the 23-year-old student, Clara Chía, they far exceed the value of the debt.

Shakira supported Piqué in all his projects
Shakira supported Piqué in all his projects – Photo: Europa Press via Getty Images

We must start from the basis that she has already returned the 14.5 million euros plus interest, so in theory she only has to pay the 23.5 of the fine. Taking this into account, the accounts are as follows:

I congratulate youa song that he released in the spring of 2022 with Raw Alejandro, left him a total of 23.6 million, 6 from YouTube and 17 from Spotify. Monotony, together with the Puerto Rican, Ozuna achieved 9.18 million on both platforms. Finally, the viral Session #53 with the Argentine Bizarrap, 10 days after its premiere, has generated at least 4.6 million euros on YouTube alone. On Spotify, the figure is around 3.4 million, for a total of 8 million.

Clara Chia and Gerard Piqué.
Clara Chia and Gerard Piqué. – Photo: instagram

If all this is added, it gives a total of 36.18 million euros.. Clearly from this you have to subtract the percentage corresponding to Raw, Ozuna and Bizzarrap, but if the net profits were for her, only with what corresponds to I congratulate you could have paid the fine of 23 million to the Treasury.

Shakira was on the red carpet at Cannes
Shakira was on the red carpet at Cannes – Photo: Mike Marsland/Wire Image

The only certain thing is that at some point this year the singer will have to sit down to appear before the Spanish government and defend herself against the 6 tax crimes of which she is accused. In the same way, the songs will continue to generate income, and Shakira will continue to bill thanks to Piqué.