The most expensive engagement rings of the ‘celebrities’

    “Bling, bling.” If there is anything completely blinding in the world it is celebrity engagement rings. Your worldwide influence, and that of your fiance, make it possible for you to look the most incredible and exclusive jewels of the entire world. A few months ago we had the strongest crush ‘ever’ with the gigantic ring with which Brooklyn Beckham proposed to his now wife, Nicola Petlz. Surely you were also speechless and half blind but… What do you say to us if we tell you that it is not, not even remotely, engagement ring world’s most expensive ‘celeb’? You don’t believe it, do you? Well wait till you see them.

    The most expensive engagement rings of the ‘celebrities’

    Neither Megan Fox’s ring of thorns, nor Kourtney Kardashian’s bumpy one… Hollywood’s most exclusive engagement rings they carry (or have carried) 10 very specific ‘celebrities’. Although it won’t surprise you that some of them appear on this list (ahem, Kim Kardashian), many others will and we can’t wait to reveal them all. We give you a clue… The ring that Ben Affleck Just Gifted Jennifer Lopez in the most iconic second opportunity in the history of cinema: present. That of a popular actress and singer from the 2000s: present. That of Jennifer Aniston by Brad Pitt, however, is not, but it is part of the best-known love triangle in the world.

    To prepare this ranking, there are many aspects on which each position depends: the purity of diamonds waves precious stonesthe cut, the number of carats, the material that holds it, its rarity. Details that great professionals in the world of jewelry have already analyzed for us and whose data is public and necessary to prepare this list. Let yourself be surprised the most exclusive engagement rings of the ‘celebrity’ world. Spoiler alert: you won’t be able to stop looking at them.

    We start in reverse order. Namely, from most “affordable” to most expensive.

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Angelina Jolie: $500,000

Brad Pitt spent an entire year designing this jewel with 16 carat diamond.


Katie Holmes: $1.5 million

Tom Cruise chose for her a 5 carat oval diamond with small ‘diamantitos’ of 6 carats around.


Kate Upton: $1.5 million

a diamond of 8 carat courtesy of Justin Verlander.


Hilary Duff: $1.5 million estimate

An awesome radiant cut diamond of 10 to 12 carats.


Paris Hilton: $2 million

Chris Zylka gave Paris in 2018 a teardrop diamond 20 carat.


Serena Williams: $3 million

The tennis player received a oval cut diamond surrounded by two semicircular stones.


Beyonce: $5 million

A 24 carat diamond on double band with adhered microdiamonds.


Jennifer Lopez: from 8 to 10 million dollars

a very rare natural green diamondl square shaped and surrounded by trapezoidal diamonds On Both Sides, by Ben Affleck.

Gift of Kanye West in 2013it is a powerful 15 carat diamond.


Mariah Carey: $10 million

a diamond of 35 carat. Not bad…

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