The most expensive Netflix series in British TV history is getting a prequel

The fans of The Crown can rejoice! Launched in 2016 on Netflix, the show has enjoyed tremendous success ever since, with the series becoming one of the most popular in the history of the platform. Each season allows viewers to discover a decade of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II by recounting the significant events of her life. The series currently has four seasons, and the fifth is expected to arrive around November 2022. However, season six will be the last. But don’t panic, the adventure The Crown is not ready to stop.

According to The Daily MailPeter Morgan, the creator of The Crown is already working on a spin-off of the series. This one should be a prequel, and would start at the beginning of the 20th century. Each of the seasons of this new project should be on the same basis as the original series. They should cover a decade, and its plot should begin around 1901 when Queen Victoria died. The series will then retrace the abdication of Edward VIII who renounced his throne for love, to marry the American Wallis Simpson. We will also be able to relive the rise of socialism and fascism in France, before the two great world wars. Great political figures will appear, such as Winston Churchill or William Gladstone.

If Peter Morgan keeps the same organization as for The Crown, the prequel should have five seasons, so that it ends before the period when the series began. With this new project, the screenwriter will offer an exploration of the British monarchy over more than a hundred years, a first!

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let’s remember that The Crown is the most awarded British series in television history with 21 Emmy Awards. It is also the most expensive show on television. Each ten-part season costs around £100m, so it’s safe to assume that the prequels will be able to cost up to £500m, and should take viewers on a new adventure through 2029.