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León, Gto.- | A very special day is the one lived on 15 th of Mayall the teachers from Mexico. A date that commemorates the work carried out by teachers.

The work of teaching has gone beyond reality, not only in schools can you live with extraordinary teachers on the small screen actors have played teachers who have stolen the hearts of the viewers and his love and teachings have lasted for decades.

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Professor Giraffes

Doña Florinda’s and Professor Jirafales’ “Cups” of coffee made everyone fall in love. It was in 1973 when Chavo del 8, Chilindrina, Quico and their friends went to school where they were taught by Professor Jirafales, who had outstanding students; but he had to have a lot of patience with others. Some of his most famous phrases are: ‘Ta, ta, ta, ta, ta!’, ‘What is the cause, motive, reason or circumstance of…?’, ‘I came to bring you this humble gift’, ‘No it will be a lot of hassle’.

Ximena the teacher

We all wish we had a teacher Ximena, in our life. Carrusel is one of the most endearing soap operas that has marked a before and after in the genre of children’s soap operas in our country, the story, which premiered in 1989 on the screens of Televisa in this story the teacher Ximena was the one who was in charge of the group where Cirilo, María Joaquina and other students were, what stood out the most was her relationship with her students and parents throughout the plot, which has caused her to be remembered over time.

the Bonilla teacher

It’s time to return to the eighties with one of the most memorable television series of that time ‘Cachún Cachún Rá Rá’, the series that all young people watched to live together and see the typical problems of high school students. One of the characters that stood out the most was the terrible teacher Bonilla, a character played by actress Martha Zavaleta, teacher ‘Godzilla’, who marked an era and several generations.

Master Canuta and Professor Virolo

Already reaching almost two thousand, the series of “Zero in Conduct”, a group of introverted students who were in charge of Professor Virolo and the teacher in ‘La Escuelita’, produced by Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo.

Professor Virolo was a little patient guy who reprimanded his badly behaved students with great rules was played by David in his Villalpando.

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Martha Ofelia Galindo, gave life to the “Master Canuta”, As a good teacher in her classroom, she tried to solve her students’ problems in the fairest way.

the most evil teacher

‘La Casa de Papel’ is without a doubt one of the great Spanish series that have been made. Much of its success is due to the plans of El Professor, the leader of the robber gang of the National Currency and Stamp Factory. A man about whom little is known and who likes to have everything calculated down to the smallest detail.

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