The most horrible year for Shakira: Sasha says goodbye crying and shouting “mommy”, after separating from her mother and going with Piqué for the New Year holidays | People | Entertainment

emotional problems of Shakira Y Gerard Piqué They translate into a setback in her family life, especially in her role as a mother. The trauma of this break was evident in the affectation of her children, especially for the minor, who lived the bitter pill by leaving her mother to have to spend New Year’s Eve with her father.

The breakup of the famous couple brought months of negotiations to sign an agreement on the custody of their children. Finally, on December 1, 2022, both agreed to a series of clauses that were made official in a family court, an agreement that they began to comply with during the holidays.

Although it is not the first time that the singer has separated from her offspring, it is the first time that she should have been without her children on a special date for most people.

Shakira’s youngest son cries when he leaves her and goes with Piqué on New Year’s

Shakira took refuge in her children, Milan and Sasha after experiencing Piqué’s deception when it was all over. Her mother’s love brought her the comfort and peace she lost in an unexpected sentimental outcome from which her wounds have not yet healed.

Added to this situation was another of the most painful moments for the Colombian superstar, the day on which, by agreement, his 9 and 7-year-old children had to spend the farewell of 2022 with the former soccer player.

The Univisión portal reported that the Spanish journalist Marc Leirado Millán, from the Telecinco television network, recounted the scene that took place in Shakira’s mansion on December 30 at 12 noon, when Piqué knocked on the door to look for his sons.

In a thread of tweets, he wrote about the moment when Sasha had to leave his house and go with his father.

“Last night something happened that touched my soul. All day waiting for Piqué to arrive to take the children, since these 10 days they are with him. Shakira spent the whole afternoon playing with the little ones in the garden at home waiting for the arrival of the former soccer player, ”wrote the reporter on his Twitter profile.

In another message, the journalist continued to talk about the sad scene. “But the time came and I heard Shakira’s harsh farewell and her little son who was crying and yelling ‘mommy’ as they headed to the garage to leave. And Shakira from the other side of the garden shouted ‘calm down, see you soon’”, he mentioned.

For the youngest of the family, Sasha, it was not easy to be separated from his mother and he burst into tears, while shouting “Mommy!”, in a farewell scene in which he would spend the New Year with the Barca member and his grandparents. Montserrat Bernabeu and Joan Piqué.

In several appearances, the media have not been able to be indifferent to the apathy that the children show when they are next to their father. At the football match in Andorra, owned by Gerard, they were absent and with sad faces.

They had the same reaction in the farewell game in which Piqué said goodbye to his Barcelona team, some photos reflected annoyance, seriousness and an abysmal apathy, given the moment the former player was living, who was also accompanied by his parents and even by Clara Chia from the stands.

Very different is the attitude that Milan and Sasha have when they are with Shakira, in those moments they are happy, with their faces full of smiles, spending moments of complete pleasure for everyone. (AND)

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